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Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Better known as One Direction. The hottest boyband loved all across the globe. But recently, the band have been going "downhill" when fan numbers drop and CD sales start to stop. Just when they think it's going to be the end of One Direction, the boys come up with an idea to hold auditions for one or two new members to join the band. Louis and Niall. The two boys who are massive fans of the band. When they hear the news, the boys decide to try out for themselves and achieve their own dreams. Will their idea work? What happens when things start to turn bad for the new member, Louis Tomlinson?


29. |chapter 28

|Chapter 28

If Louis had to choose one morning to be the worst, this morning would take the cake. Not even a bad hangover could defeat the heart aching feeling he got looking down at the bed beside him, seeing Harry sprawled out under the bedsheets, his shirt tossed on the floor, exposing his back muscles. His back slowly rose and fell with easy breaths, soft snores emitting from his lips.

Louis looked down to his own shirt, noticing the many wrinkles and crinkles in the material. He grabbed the fabric between his fingers, picturing how Harry's hand was there last night, slowly slipping his fingertips under the shirt. He reached up to his hair, a fluffy mess. He carded his fingers slowly through the strands, tugging slightly, just like Harry seemed to do last night. He trailed his fingers over his neck where Harry placed small kisses, nothing harsh to cause a bruise, but more like soft brushes of his plump skin.

Louis shook his head quickly, his lips pursed and eyes glossy. As quickly and quietly as he could, Louis stepped out of the large bed, creating fast paces toward the bathroom outside of Harry's bedroom. Once inside, he shut the door, leaving it unlocked with the small hope of Harry maybe walking in, telling him about the kiss. Good things about the kiss.

The kiss...

Louis eyes widened at the memory. He turned to face the mirror above the basin in front of him, stepping closer to is reflection. His fingers shook as he reached up to touch his lips. They felt slightly fuller than yesterday.

As Louis continued to think about last night's events, his only reaction were the few drops of salty water falling from his eyes. 

Nothing drastic happened last night, Louis could confirm that, but other things did happen that were just as important.

Harry kissed him.

They should have been the words to make his whole world spin on its head, to have him smiling like an idiot, but it felt like the exact opposite. It was a drunk kiss. There is never anything magical or special about a drunk kiss. They come with their consequences. Knowing what could come, Louis didn't want to face any of them. 

When minutes ticked on, the tears didn't stop silently falling, neither did Harry wake up to find him. So, he decided to slip out of his hotel room and step across to the other. He knocked softly on the door, not really having the power to hit any harder. He wrapped his arms securely around his midsection, squeezing onto his sides as shivers arose all over him from the short gush of wind from the air conditioners and from his deepening emotions. He glanced toward a window at the end of the hallway, noting how the sun was only just rising. Why was he over here this early annoying them? They wouldn't be up anyway--

The door clicked unlocked, slowing opening, a golden eye peaking through to check who was in front of their door. The door immediately rushed open when the boy behind it saw who it was.

 "Lou?" Zayn had worry in his eyes the second he saw the boy's wet cheeks.

"Is Niall awake?" Louis spoke in a broken voice.

"Louis, what's wr-"

"I need to talk to Niall." He was trembling.

"What happened?"

Louis remained quiet. Glossy eyes finally reaching Zayn's. Louis sucked in a shaky breath.

Thankfully for the older boy, Niall appeared sluggishly behind Zayn, both of their blue eyes meeting. Niall's brows furrowed, eyes frantic as he looked over Louis' face. A sight he's seen before.

"Lou.." He gently nudged Zayn to the side, pulling Louis inside, the boy collapsing into his body in a tight hug. Niall dug his hand into Louis' frazzled hair, wrapping his other around the boy's back. He looked up to Zayn, seeing him in just as much franticness as he was. Niall gave him a look as if to say not to worry, but how could Zayn not worry after what he caught Louis doing previously.

Niall carefully guided the older boy to his bedroom, lowering onto the white, unmade sheets of his bed. He kept Louis close to his warmth, knowing that was a way to calm the shaken boy; being close to trusted comfort. Niall gently pulled the teary eyed boy away from his chest after a couple of minutes of silence, wiping away the tracks of fallen drops from his cheeks. Louis sniffled quietly as he tried to pull his silly emotions together.

"What happened, Lou?" Niall kept his voice soft and quiet, his thumb caressing over the older boy's knuckles.

Louis looked up into his best friend's eyes, genuine concern lingering in them. He hated that look, and he hated the fact that he always seemed to make Niall worry over him. Sure... he's done things in the past... but he's moved on from that; he thought he had...

The older boy sucked in a breath, letting it out slowly to calm him down so he could speak properly.

"L-Last night, Uhm, Harry had come home late, and he was terribly knackered. So, I was helping him into bed, a-and..." Louis looked down to their hands, his fingers gipping around Niall's tighter. "We fell... little things happened... then h-he kissed me."

A wide grin formed onto Niall's lips, happiness flashing through his features. He couldn't believe it. Remembering back to the days before this whole thing happened, the times when Louis would continuously joke on about him and Harry kissing in a cute adorable way, or in a sudden situation, it actually happened to him. Niall was honestly happy for his friend.

But the lack of happiness reflecting off Louis was not what Niall was expecting. Immediately Niall's smile dropped and his brows met in confusion. 

"But, isn't that good news? The day you've been dreaming about has come-"

"Did I forget to mention he was piss drunk?" Louis weakly cut in.

Suddenly the aroma around them turned gloomy, completely matching Louis sad demeanor. Niall's thumb stopped moving as he was hit with the boy's words. His heart absolutely dropped for his friend.

"He probably doesn't remember a single factor of what happened last night..." Louis mumbled, shaking his head as he forced more tears to stay hidden.

Niall was lost for the right words to say. "Lou... I'm so--"

He was cut off by the loud slam of the front door, a few grumbles heard beforehand. As much as Niall wanted to see what was going on outside, he stuck with Louis, seeing as the boy was about to fall apart once again. Niall pulled his fragile friend into his chest, whispering soft apologies and pressing kisses to the boy's face.


"What the hell is wrong with that idiot?" Zayn grumbled lowly to himself. His hands balled into fists and he had to resist banging them against the wall outside of Niall's bedroom. Yes, he was listening to the two from outside the door, but he couldn't help himself. He was worried for his band mate. He cared far too much not to know what was wrong with him.

When he heard the reason for his tears, Zayn's blood was almost boiling. Say he was overacting, but he understood how small and fragile Louis can get, and Zayn felt this protectiveness over the older boy when it comes to hurting him. He thought Harry was the one to be protecting him.

Zayn stomped straight over to Louis and Harry's hotel room, not caring if he made enough noise to wake the curly head, because that was his intention. When he stormed into Harry's bedroom, he saw the boy still sleeping, snores emitting from his mouth. How is he sleeping through all his rukus? Zayn rolled his eyes and walked up to the sleeper, ripping the covers off of him, letting the chilly air hit his exposed skin and making him groan in displeasure.

"Harry, what the fuck?!" Zayn exclaimed.

Harry tried covering his face with one of his pillows, but it was immediately ripped away like his covers. He whined, opening his eyes, wincing at the suddenly bright surroundings.

"What do you want Z?" Harry mumbled.

"Don't 'Z' me. What are you doing getting drunk off your face?"

"Well, that would explain the massive headache..." Harry ran his fingers through his hair, rubbing at the back of his neck.

Zayn couldn't believe how casual Harry was acting right now, like nothing even happened. Suddenly his heart dropped as he realized that Louis may have been right, about Harry not remembering anything.

"Do you even remember anything from last night?

Harry showed confusion on his face, taking a little time to actually think about Zayn's words. Did something happen?

"Was it... something important? I remember taking Kendall home. Did I miss a meeting--"

"You don't even remember the kiss?"

"I kissed Kendall?" Harry cocked his head, not remembering that at all. "I-I... It was probably because I was told to--"


It was completely silent, the two never breaking eye contact.

"What?" Harry's voice was hardly audible, a little pitchy as well.

"You kissed Louis last night, when your drunk arse came stumbling home."

Just when Harry started to sit up, his hand pressed against a thick material beside him. He looked down at the direction of his hand, seeing his green packers jumper. The one Louis was wearing last night...

Now, Harry was wide awake. He sat up properly in his bed, his hands gripping at his curly mess of bed hair, his eyes clenched as blurry flashbacks of last night's events previewed in his brain. He almost wanted to scream at himself.

"I... I kissed Louis... Fuck! I kissed him!" He exclaimed loudly, gripping tighter at his curls.

"Well?" Zayn nudged Harry's dramatics aside, needing to hear something more important from the boy.

"Well what?"

Zayn once again rolled his eyes at his idiocy. "Did you mean it?" He asked.

Harry stayed quiet. His grip loosened on his hair. He felt completely weakened by the question, because he didn't know. Did he mean his actions? He was completely drunk. He knew he was confused on his feelings towards the older boy, but were those feelings strong enough to make him want to kiss him? Then, he realized he practically just cheated on his boyfriend with this whole thing! Crap, what is he going to think of him? Is he going to be angry at him? Harry didn't mean to make him feel like that.

Zayn could almost hear the commotion from inside Harry's head, and it made him frustrated. This was supposed to be an easy answer. Yes. Why was he so hesitant-- wait. The older scoffed, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Wow, Harry. And I thought it was obvious to you."

"What's obvious?" Harry got a bit defensive, wanting to know what he was missing.

"How can you not see it?! Niall, Liam and I see it in both you and Louis, and you can't even fucking admit that to yourself, all because you're blinded by this fake love for your 'amazing' boyfriend." 

"Zayn what the hell are you going on about?! Why are you talking about Louis and I? And I'm not blind! What is there to be blind about?"  

Zayn just shook his head, shoving the pillow in his hand into Harry's chest roughly. As he went to walk back out the room, he said, "Ask Lous himself if you're so unaware of what he's thinking." He left out the door, leaving a mixed emotion Harry alone to think over what the hell just happened.

"He always brushes off my questions, so what's asking again going to do...?" He mumbled, sighing as he wiped his hand down his cheek.

What as gotten into him?


Minutes after tears and comforting hugs, Niall had suggested to his friend that they should go out somewhere to get some fresh air, walk around for a bit, maybe get some food. Louis accepted the idea, knowing he needed a little time to collect himself together.

So, the two boys carefully walked to a cafe a few streets away from the hotel, luckily not being spotted. It was a modern cafe with wood textures and white colour to brighten up the small building. Tiny, well kept plants decorated the center of the table tops.

Louis offered to go up and order at the counter, which the blonde nodded and walked off to find a table for the both of them to sit at; which wouldn't be hard, considering it's only twenty past seven in the morning and practically no one was occupying the tables.

Walking up to the front counter, there was a guy standing there with his back towards Louis as he was fixing up another batch of hot drinks for a customer. Louis politely waited for the worker to finish his current duty, playing with his fingers and tapping his toes on the black, wooden floor.

Once the guy had turned around, Louis had to try and hide the small blush that wanted to arise on his cheeks. Louis will admit, the guy was cute, no Harry Styles, but cute in a similar kind of way. He had bright, almost silver looking eyes, brunette hair styled in a small quiff and a light dusting of stubble on his sun tanned skin. He looked a little older than Louis himself. The second the guy smiled at him, his blush almost glowed.

"What can I get you today?" His american accent spoke smoothly.

"Hi, um..." Louis took his time to read the menu boards above the guy's head. Truthfully it was just an excuse so he couldn't look into his enticing eyes. "Can I get two warmed up cinnamon scrolls, and a large hot chocolate along with tea.. please."

The worker tapped his order into the register, tapping his fingertips on the counter to no specific rhythm.  Once Louis payed, the man smiled once again, telling Louis he would be right back with his meal. Only a few minutes later and Louis was handed his order on a small tray.

When Louis went to thank him, the guy held out his receipt to him with a sly, yet gentle smirk. Louis was confused until he had the paper in his hand, noting that there were numbers written on the back of it; his phone number. It even had a cute little smiley face on it. Louis didn't know whether to smile or not at the gesture, but a voice at the back of his head was telling him to keep the number, just in case. So he did. It wasn't going to do any harm, it was his choice if he called it anyway.

"Thank you." Louis said softly to the worker, who he now realised his name was Adam by the small name tag pinned to his collar.

Louis walked to the table Niall was seated at, setting the tray down in the middle of the table. He placed the hot chocolate and a scroll in front of Niall and brought the rest in front of him. He shoved the short paper into his pocket.

Just as the older boy was to take a bite of his delicious food, he noticed Niall raising a brow at him, a teasing look in his eyes.

"Did something happen over there that I didn't see?" He smirked, reaching over the tabled to poke at Louis' softly painted red cheeks.

Louis shook his head, picking up his tea instead and sipping the hot liquid. Niall was suspicious about it, but he was happy that Louis was no longer frowning.

At least for now.


Louis and Niall had arrived home late afternoon, Louis suggesting that they should just spend the whole day doing something else other than laze around in a hotel; otherwise known as his excuse not to see Harry just yet. But when the time came to be, he sucked in all his weakness and walked into his hotel room, hoping the first thing he saw wasn't Harry.

Bad luck.

The moment Harry had heard the door lock shut, his head whipped around to face the boy who just stepped in. Harry didn't want to waste anymore time. He was going to talk to Louis right after Zayn came yelling at him, but he was told by Liam that he had already left with Niall. That only made him more nervous for what he was going to say, the words being trapped in his mouth for hours. Finally it was time to talk.

 "Louis! Where'd you head out to today? I--"

"I'm going to my room to work on a song, or something." Louis continued walking to his room, not facing Harry at all. He didn't want to hear some random conversation that Harry might start, he wanted to hear about last night.

Harry was a little taken back. "Oh, I could help--"

"I'm okay, Harry..." Louis rejected him quietly, glancing slightly over his shoulder at Harry while he was walking into his room, closing the door behind him.

The younger boy sighed. Maybe he really hasn't realised how much last night had effected his friend, but why? If this was all an accident, they would have talked it out by now.

Harry sat back down on the couch in their silent living room, bringing the green packers jumper he's been holding close to his chest, back into his grip.

Maybe he really was missing a big piece of this picture.


Ello Again c:

Sorry for the lack of an update recently. I gave myself the two weeks school holiday I had to relax and have some chill time, rid of all my stress that was built up. But that didn't mean I wasn't planning things for future chapters/works.

So, thought's on what Adam's character might be like?

How Louis and Harry are acting towards each other?

I want a cinnamon  scroll now... mhmm...

-C x

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