One Chance || l.s

Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Better known as One Direction. The hottest boyband loved all across the globe. But recently, the band have been going "downhill" when fan numbers drop and CD sales start to stop. Just when they think it's going to be the end of One Direction, the boys come up with an idea to hold auditions for one or two new members to join the band. Louis and Niall. The two boys who are massive fans of the band. When they hear the news, the boys decide to try out for themselves and achieve their own dreams. Will their idea work? What happens when things start to turn bad for the new member, Louis Tomlinson?


28. |chapter 27

|Chapter 27

If Harry had the choice of being anywhere else, he would. Anything to stop him being bored out of his brains.

Right now, he was instructed to meet with Kendall for lunch, which he wouldn't have minded, if the girl would have spoken a single word to him. All this time, Kendall only seemed to be here to do as she was asked, stand next to him and look like his pretty girlfriend. Every past time Harry has had to be with her, he's tried to ask one of his other friends to join then, but they have all been busy, leaving them alone in their awkward, clipped conversations.

Harry watched Kendall sipping her coffee from across the outside café table, fiddling with his phone in his hands; it was the only thing keeping him interested. But he was caught off guard when the raven haired girl suddenly spoke up.

"It's mind blowing." She said, shaking her head slightly in disbelief. "How does the boy that seems like the total ladies' man and has girls falling at his feet, turn out to be gay?" Kendall asks rhetorically with a short laugh.

Harry just gave a small shrug. "I'm just being polite. I guess I didn't realize how people interpreted it differently."

Kendall nodded, sipping on her coffee again. "So," She raised an interested brow, "what's you're boyfriend's name?"

"Louis." Harry said with no hesitation, the name slipping from his lips. His eyes widened when he realised what he just responded. He tried to cover up his mistake by coughing awkwardly and clearing his throat. "I-I mean Kendall. His name is Kendall. Like your name, because we nee-"

"Who's Louis?" She cocked her head, almost a teasing tone in her voice, and a smirk on her face.

"I didn't mean to say his name... but he's my band mate."

"Oh! I'm pretty sure I saw a picture of you two floating around the other day. The one at the airport, right?"

"That one, y-yeah."

She giggled softly around her straw. "You two would be cute together." Harry blushed at her comment, looking down at his blank phone as he tried to hide it. "He looks shorter than you too! How adorable is that?!" She grinned.

Harry grinned back at her, giggling himself. "Extremely adorable!" He held out his hand, exaggerating how short the older boy was. "I'll never live it down. It's actually really cute whenever he would ask me to grab something down from the top shelf because he was too short to reach it. When he wears the other boy's clothing it would be too big on him. Or whenever he would make a little mistake like spilling something or tripping over he would just be all little and cute about it. He would say things like 'oops' all the time, and his voice makes it sound even sweeter. He's shy so he gets blushy a lot of the time, and when he tries to hide it he would cover his cheeks with his sweater paws. But then I would point it out and he would start giggling. And how he is just small enough to cuddle with and wrap my arms around. He likes cuddles. I haven't given him any cuddles lately. I need to change that. The boy needs cuddles." He looked down to the gold 'T' ring on his fourth finger, smiling down at it. "He's insecure at times. But I think he's okay now." He sighed softly, off in his own world. "How could you not love him..." Every word he spoke was said with fond in his voice, softness and delicacy. He could continue on, write a novel on the boy even, but Kendall spoke up.

"So you love Louis." She stated, not questioned.

Harry snapped out of his daze and looked up at the girl with massive eyes, looking like a deer at the head lights.

"W-What? No...?" He said unconvincingly.

"Harry, I literally started this conversation by asking who your boyfriend was, and you answered Louis." Kendall started to see how Harry seemed to be beaten up and confused about the whole topic. Her brows furrow. "That must mean something, right?" She asked carefully.

Harry stayed silent as that question ran around in his head. Did that mean something, or did he just slip up?

"I know we haven't really talked -at all- to each other, but if you need an ear outside of the band, I wouldn't mind listening." Kendall smiled sweetly, being genuine.

Harry smiled back. "Yeah... thanks Kenz."


Ever since Harry has been back at the hotel, he's been in his room; Thinking, thinking, questioning himself, and then thinking some more, specifically about his feelings.

"That has to mean something..." 

Harry has repeated that sentence over and over again, trying to get it into his head. What did that mean? Why did she say that? Does what he said actually mean something? He said innocent words, right?

All these questions bobbling around in his head was making him confused. But why is he stressing so much over it if he knew his words meant nothing... or did they?

There he went again, questioning every thought he had. Harry would tug and pull at his curls trying to relieve the pressure he was putting on himself. When he felt like he was getting too hot he would rip his jumper off, still feeling the heat.

Why was he feeling so guilty all of a sudden? Why was he feeling a source of betrayal? It wasn't in his character to feel like that or to cause that, but he felt it. Betrayal on Kendall. Why though? How was he betraying him?

Louis, Louis, Louis.

Why was his mind always going back to Louis? Why can't his thoughts seem to stay away from the older boy with adorable features... and pretty blue eyes... and curvy bo- AGAIN?!

His brain was on a non stop replay of Louis, Louis, Louis, causing him to not think straight; or maybe the stress was making him see more clearly.

Harry snatched out his phone and opened his recent contacts, scrolling down until he saw the familiar name. His thumb was shaky as it lowered onto the printed name. He pressed the device to his ear, pursing his lips as he listened to the dial tone sound. 

He whispered, "Don't pick up... please don't pi-"

"Hiya baby." A groggy voice rang through the speaker. Harry didn't really take into account what time it would be in England.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." Harry rushed.

"No, no. Babe it's fine. What's wrong?"

Harry remained silent for a little while, his fingers fiddling with his ring. The pad of of his fingertip tracing the T engraving. "Kendall... I'm confused. A-And..." His voice became softer as each word drawled on.

"Are you okay? ...Are we okay?"

He was silent once again, until he finally took a breath a worded out, "I think we should take a break... just for a little while."

Harry could hear Kendall laughing lightly, which made his brows furrow. 

"Harry, you're not actually falling for her, are you?" Kendall joked.

Harry shook his head though no one could see. "No..."

"Wait." Kendall's voice suddenly became lower, darker even. "Don't tell me this is because of that new kid."



Harry was taken back by the loud, sharp tone, pulling his phone away from his ear before pressing it back slowly.

"What? N-No I-"

"You don't even know the kid, let alone tell me that you're taking a break from us for him!"

"It's not because of him. Just.. J-Just stop yelling at me."

"I have all the reason to yell,"

"Why can't you just accept that I need spac-"

Kendall cut him off as he continued to yell. "Especially when there's some fucking stupid kid trying to steal you away from me! Why do I have to accept that?!"

"KENDALL!" Harry suddenly shouted, the air growing silent and cold around him as the two didn't speak a word. Harry's face was screwed up into one of anger, his teeth gritting against each other, his grip on the phone tightening. "I just need a break, okay?" He hung up before Kendall could speak.


Lounging in the midst of quiet, Louis was curled upon the sofa, a small bowl of strawberries in his lap. His attention would continuously point towards the door to Harry's bedroom, wishing and waiting for said boy to walk out from behind it; but he hasn't. Ever since he came back from being with Kendall M, he's locked himself away in his room. Louis wanted to face him and ask what was wrong, but when he heard the door slam shut, he backed off, too scared he would be doing something wrong.

As minutes ticked by, Louis became more anxious than before. He would rub and pinch at the skin on his wrist, not having the hair tie anymore. He wanted to know what was wrong and why Harry wasn't coming to talk to him like he normally would with things.

Louis let out a small, sad sigh as he finished his last berry. He licked his red tinted lips, tasting the last of the juice left lingering there. He uncrossed his legs and stood to his feet deciding to get some more for himself; maybe some for Harry if he wanted to come out of his room.

Upon padding towards the kitchen, Louis spotted Harry's green Packers jumper hanging over the back of a bar stool. He placed his bowl down on the counter and walked over to the jumper.

His fingers feathered over the thick fabric, holding it up in both of his hands. As he held it close to his face, he could smell the comfort of Harry's fruit scented body wash, a smell he's missed for over a week.

Louis pulled up the green jumper and shrugged it over his petite body. Only his fingertips could be seen from the start of the sleeves and the bottom of the jumper easily covered his bum. It felt cuddly against his skin and the familiar sense of Harry's comfort came over him. It reminded him of the feeling he would get when Harry would wrap his arms around his waist from behind him, and then place his chin into the side of Louis' neck, sounding small giggles.

Where did those times go?

The older boy jumped at the sudden sound of Harry's bedroom door opening. He turned around, expecting the younger to join him in his strawberry feast, but quickly realised that that wasn't Harry's intention at all.

In a small voice, Louis said, "Hey Haz. I-"

"I'm sorry Louis, not now. I just.." Harry went to go retrieve his jumper that he left on the back of the chair, only to notice that Louis was wearing it. He didn't bother to question or ask for it. His head was banging with running thoughts, like it was calling out for a desperate need of something to calm it. He sighed. "I just... Uh, Kendall asked if she could get a lift home from somewhere. She didn't have a ride." He spoke in a rush as he walked to the door, rolling down the sleeves of his shirt, too lazy to get a different jumper. 

Louis frowned a little. "Oh, but.. can't you just ask Paul-"

"I'll be back Louis." Harry said with strength in his voice that made Louis feel a little taken back. The next second, Harry was opening the hotel door, slamming it behind him in stress. The sharp sound felt as though it echoed, ringing in Louis' ears.

"Okay.." He whispered.

So, Louis waited for the boy to come back, because he wanted to spend time with him. Now that Harry was out of his room, maybe he'll get the chance to. But as hours ticked on, something just didn't feel right. 

Louis sent multiple texts and voicemails, trying to get a hold of him, but there was never a response. It made Louis worried. Did something happen to him? Did he get mobbed? Maybe there was bad traffic out tonight, or they took the long way to Kendall's house. But three hours?! Louis thought that maybe he should ask the others if they could get a hold of him.

Suddenly, Louis could hear the mumbled sounds of a loud voice in the hotel hallways along with a few heavy thuds of the person's feet.

"Thank you Paul. You are a very lovely man. But you know who else is a lovely person?" They laughed. "Lou Lou is a very lovely person. I like Louis."

A deeper voice joined in. "Well, then why don't you go and tell him then," the man responded, not really listening,"after you get out of this drunk state of yours." 

There was a knock at the door. Louis quickly jumped up to answer it, being faced with a tired Paul and a flimsy looking Harry tied up tight in his arms.

"Sorry if I woke you up Louis, but this idiot here lied to me and instead ran off to a bar without me noticing. He texted one of his mates just so he could get a drink, or obviously more than one. Almost got mobbed. I practically had to pull him out of there. He just kept on complaining about how he was confused, then not, and began rambling about you." Paul sighed heavily. 

Louis' brows furrowed. He reached his arms out taking Harry from the man who looked like he had had enough for one night. "He told me he was giving Kendall a ride home. But I guess it sounded a little sketchy. I just didn't think he would go out and drink though." Harry face dug into Louis' neck, snuggling into him. 

"Sorry to leave you in charge of him." Paul semi-joked. "Try to have a good sleep tonight."

With final goodnights, the door was shut and Paul was off, leaving the two alone.

Louis started to feel soft lips slowly kiss the skin on his neck, alerting him. Nervous waves surged right through him. He had to remind himself that this was drunk Harry.

Deciding to skip the million and one questions on why Harry went out to get drunk, he chose to just get him into bed as quickly as he could before he fell asleep on him.

"Come on, Haz. Let's get you into bed, love."

Harry giggled, taking shaky steps as he followed Louis' lead. "Can you keep calling me love? I like when you call me that. It sounds cute. You're cute." He breathed in Louis' smell, only sensing his own. "Also, can you live in my jumpers forever? I know they don't fit you, but that's the best part. It makes you look warm and snuggly." He squeezed his arms tighter around Louis' waist.

Louis tried to control the blush that was growing on his cheeks as he opened the door to Harry's bedroom. The two stumbled into the room. From the pressure of Harry's weight, Louis lost his footing, causing them to both fall onto the foot of the bed.

Why do we keep falling and tripping over things?

When Louis blinked his eyes open, he was greeted with bright, yet hazy green eyes. They were a little red, proving just how much Harry had to drink. Their noses were almost brushing and warm pants of air brushed over each other's lips. Harry started to giggle again.

"You have pretty eyes..." Harry brushed their noses together. "And a pretty nose..." His eyes flickered to Louis' lips, his hand moving up to cup Louis' jaw and trace his thumb over the pink skin. "And pretty li-"

"Harry you really should be getting to sleep. You're really drunk right now-"

"I like your hair like this, makes you look softer,"


"Yet, the slight stubble growing makes you look hot."

Harry leaned down and pressed slow kisses to Louis' cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. His touch was so gentle, despite how intoxicated he was. His index fingers would draw feather like circles on Louis' neck, while his other hand gripped at the boy's waist.

"Harry... what are you doing?" Louis whispered, looking up at closed lids as the younger removed his lips from the corner of his own.

Harry didn't respond. He pressed their foreheads together, noses bumping. Louis couldn't feel himself move as he tried to make sense of what was to happen next.

But he didn't expect to feel the soft, plumpness of Harry's rosy pink lips on his own, moving them in a slow desperate motion. Heavy breaths heard through their noses and quiet smacking sounds as the boy's lips moved against each others. 

Louis didn't know what to do. Push away, or take advantage of the moment he's waited so long for?

He knew what was the right choice, but could he get himself to do it? Harry's lips were very distracting to think properly.

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