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Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Better known as One Direction. The hottest boyband loved all across the globe. But recently, the band have been going "downhill" when fan numbers drop and CD sales start to stop. Just when they think it's going to be the end of One Direction, the boys come up with an idea to hold auditions for one or two new members to join the band. Louis and Niall. The two boys who are massive fans of the band. When they hear the news, the boys decide to try out for themselves and achieve their own dreams. Will their idea work? What happens when things start to turn bad for the new member, Louis Tomlinson?


23. |chapter 22

|Chapter 22

The past couple of weeks fly by with nothing drastic happening, just the occasional trip to the recording studio and resting as much as they could, because today the five boys were packing their suitcases. It was finally time to head on a plane to LA.

Both Louis and Niall were excited, yet nervous at the same time. Neither of the boys had flown outside of their home country, so they couldn't wait until they land tonight.

"L.A," Niall whistled. "Never thought I'd be steppin' into a place like that." He placed a couple of plain shirts into his slowly filling case.

"Same. The fact that I get to travel out of this country is amazing." Louis smiled, giddy about the event. He crossed his legs as he sat upon the blonde boy's bed, leaning against the headboard.

But along with all of Louis’ excitement came the one question that has been stuck in his mind all day. Are they going to like me in America? Surely all fans around the world are practically the same, but he feels like he may be spotted easier out and about in America. He didn’t know why. He hasn’t had the ‘spotted by a fan’ moment other than the one he experienced when he went to buy pizzas with Zayn the day he got here. Would it be like that again? Could one of them be mean like one was with Zayn?

Why wouldn’t they be mean to you? Maybe the fans will be different in person than online… Fat arse fairy.

Louis felt the bed dipping next to him, making him snap out of his thoughts. Niall didn’t miss the way Louis’ smile a minute ago quickly changed once the boy went into his own world.

“Hey,” Niall shook his best mate’s knee, the older boy looking to him, “America’s going to be amazing. Maybe even unforgettable. Nothing to look worried about.” The younger grinning causing Louis to grin back, laughing softly.

“You’re right, Ni.” He looked to the boy’s suitcase, sighing curtly. “Now come on, that case isn’t going to pack itself.”

Meanwhile in the room just down the hall, Harry had already finished packing all his things for the flight in a couple of hours. He wasn’t as excited as he could be, simply because for the time that he’s there, and possibly when they get back, he has to carry a beard on his arm once again. How could you be excited about that?

As well as the fact that Kendall, his boyfriend, wasn’t allowed to visit him at all this time round in America. Usually, Harry would find some way to sneak the man in when he had a free week or something of the same matter, but this time he was told that because of the new Kendall, management didn’t want paps spotting his boyfriend and getting suspicious again. So he was restricted from coming at all.

Unfortunately, tonight Kendall had to work, which meant Harry wouldn’t be able to see him before he left. So they agreed on facetiming each other.

“I’m gonna miss you. I’m not exactly sure how long we’re going for, but I know it’s for a while…” Harry frowned, holding onto his jean covered legs that were pulled to his chest. He rested his chin upon his knees.

“I’m gonna miss you too, babe. Don’t go talking to any American boys while you’re away; or any boys really.” Kendall mumbled the last part, though, Harry heard.

“What boys would even be coming up to me like that anyway, K?” Harry laughed, missing his boyfriend grumbling out, ‘That f-cking band mate of yours…’

Harry then turned quiet, just looking at Kendall in his phone screen sadly. But then his brows furrowed as he then noticed a certain necklace hanging from the man’s neck.

“Uh, Ken?”


“Can I see that necklace you’re wearing?”

Kendall seemed a bit hesitant for a second, but brought the pendant closer to the camera for Harry to see. The curly boy could recognise the charm from anywhere.

“W-Why are you wearing Louis’ necklace?” He cocked his head, confused.

The older man looked at the pendant, rolling it around between his fingers. Harry couldn’t help but notice the different ways Louis and Kendall held the necklace. Kendall moved it between his fingers like it was just any old piece of metal, while Louis was gentle with it, always holding it carefully between his fingertips and treating it as if it were to break on him.

“But it’s yours, H. I thought-“

“I gave it to him…”

“Oh, well… he handed it to me the other day. I didn’t know why. I guess he didn’t want it anymore.” Kendall said, a little too confidently.


“You don’t mind if I take ownership of it now, do you baby?” He had a small smirk.

Harry looked towards his bedroom door, as if waiting for the blue eyed boy to come in and show him that he still had the pendant hanging from his neck. But he didn’t, of course. He sighed sadly. “S-sure, I guess…” Harry whispered, looking down at the ring clung to his fourth finger. Although Louis may have taken Harry’s necklace off, Harry wasn’t going to be taking Louis’ ring off. Maybe Louis just finally found that confidence that Harry wanted him to find. He didn’t need the boy’s silly jewellery to stop making him nervous anymore.

Kendall noticed how down Harry seemed about the situation, which made him a little worried about what Harry was thinking. So he tried to lighten up the mood, with his type of humour.

“Want a quick wank session before your flight?”

Harry rolled his eyes, shaking his head with a forced smile. “I’ll see you soon Kendall.” He hung up before the man could answer back.

He sighed, falling back onto his bed, rubbing at his eyes and face.

“Hopefully this trip won't be as bad as I think it could be…”



Super short, only because the next chapter is a long one :)

-chloe x

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