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Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Better known as One Direction. The hottest boyband loved all across the globe. But recently, the band have been going "downhill" when fan numbers drop and CD sales start to stop. Just when they think it's going to be the end of One Direction, the boys come up with an idea to hold auditions for one or two new members to join the band. Louis and Niall. The two boys who are massive fans of the band. When they hear the news, the boys decide to try out for themselves and achieve their own dreams. Will their idea work? What happens when things start to turn bad for the new member, Louis Tomlinson?


19. |chapter 18

|Chapter 18



Nobody wants to be called at seven in the morning, only to be told to get their butts down to their management's office. But when the One Direction boys heard that it was exciting news, they were suddenly interested and made their way down as soon as possible. Well, as quick as five sleepy boys could.



Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn sat on the long couch in front of a glass desk, waiting for Marco, who sat behind it, to explain the news.



"So boys, sorry for such the early call. I'm sure you all enjoyed your break," if you considered three days a break, "but, it's time to get back to business." Marco said, clapping his hands together.



"In a week, One Direction is booked to perform in a music festival for a TV news special. It's gonna have most of England's singers performing, like Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, Cher Lloyd, Little Mix and so on."



Louis and Niall both perked up at the names of some of their favourite artists. They both loved Ed Sheeran's music, honestly mean, who doesn't?



Marco laughed shortly at the two boy's reactions. "So," He continued. "Really. this performance will be you guy's first live show in front of the fans as five." He then turned to Louis, giving him a smirk with his brows raised. "Sure you can handle it, Tomlinson?"



The oldest boy was a little confused as to why Marco was asking him the question, the man's look was a bit intimidating to him. Louis just nodded, looking away from Marco and down to the hands in his lap. The manager just laughed softly to himself.



Harry raised his hand, like he was in school.



"Yes, Harry?"



"Could Kendall possibly come to the show..?" Harry asked carefully.



Modest! knew all about Harry's little, well, not little, boyfriend of his. Harry slipped up Kendall's name once in a meeting and he was told to explain who the boy was. Honestly, it was quite the shock to their management team, considering how charming to the girls he was while on the X Factor; the rumours about Caroline Flack and news going around about a few crushes. Although they weren't particularly fond of the big news, all they could do was make Harry keep it a secret from the world, to bottle it up and hide it.



Their management team never liked having Harry's boyfriend around him, thinking that if Kendall is seen around Harry too much, people will get suspicious, and they couldn't have that; much to Harry's disliking.



Marco let out a slightly annoyed sigh. Harry asks this question whenever any event is announced. The man pinched the bridge of his nose.



"Fine, Harry.. He can attend." Harry brought a shining grin to his face, his eyes lighting up at the words. "Only on the condition that he has to arrive on his own. He can't be with you when you boys arrive, and only after the show, since you all have to have the time to warm up." Marco stated very clearly and very strictly.



Harry's smile only faulted in the slightest, hardly even noticeable. He was just happy that his boyfriend could finally be there at one of his shows. He'll tell Kendall later when he comes over to arrive to the festival really early, just so he was standing in front row, cheering him in. The thought warmed Harry's heart.



It did the opposite for Louis. When he was so nervous singing 'Little Things' on stage, Harry would give him little smiles to encourage him. But now that Kendall will be at this show, Harry is most probably going to be looking to his boyfriend instead of his friend.



Soon, the meeting came to a close, Morco instructing the boys to practice* singing the four songs they will be performing in a week; 'Live While We're Young', 'Kiss You', 'Little Things' and 'Loved You First'. As each boy filed out the door, the manager gave Louis one last sceptic eye, making Louis crumble a little inside.



Why does he keep giving those looks and saying those things? Louis thought as he caught up with the others.






“Hey, babe?”


Harry peaked up over his phone. “Yeah Ken?”


For the past hour that Kendall has been invited over, he can’t help but stare at the new ring on his boyfriend’s finger. To the older man, the ring looked cheap in his eyes. It had a dirty, old look to it. He didn’t understand how Harry could wear such a grubby thing.


“You’re still wearing shorty’s ring?” He raised a brow.


“He’s not short… he said he was 5’9-“


“Barely.” Kendall laughed, cutting the boy off. Although Harry agreed the Louis was definitely not the height he claims to be, he had to stick up for his best friend.


Harry cleared his throat. “Anyway, yes I’m still wearing his ring.” He glanced down at the metal around his fourth finger, a smile twitching at his lips. “I like it.”


Kendall held in the grimace look he was about to show. He had different opinions on the matter.


The older man was silent for a moment as he lied down on the end of Harry’s bed, drawing shapes over his boyfriend’s jean covered legs. He finally spoke up.


“Babe… you and Lewi-“


“Louis.” Harry cut him off.


Kendall was taken back a bit. “Louis… you two aren’t, you know,”


Harry’s burrows furrowed in confusion as he looked down at the older man, switching off his phone. He sat up and scooted closer to him, taking his not much bigger hand in his.


“If you think there’s anything going on between us, you don’t need to worry. Why would you even think that?” He chuckled. “Louis and I are just close friends.” Harry smiled softly, rubbing his thumb over the back of Kendall’s hand.


More like Louis is just being clingy on my boyfriend, Kendall mentally said. The amount of times Harry has talked about something him and the other band mate did together, to Kendall, it just sounded like the newbie was trying to be around Harry twenty-four seven. Like how Louis ‘pretended’ to not know how to skate, or how he was seeking attention when he ‘purposely’ sang badly at the first recoding so Harry could stick up for him. And no, Kendall didn’t miss that photo of the two that was placed up in Milk Shake City.


He was annoyed at all of this.


“Okay,” Kendall nodded. “I believe you, love…” He didn’t believe Louis would think the same way though. And Kendall really didn’t like the thought that some kid had a liking for his boy. “I’ll be right back, H. Gonna go get a drink.” He smiled sharply, before he got off the bed to head downstairs, off to find Louis.


Downstairs in the lounge room, Louis and Niall were messing around together. The football was softly playing on the tele in the background while the two were creating silly stories and singing old songs in funny voices, eating a couple of cheese toasties.


The two best friends were laughing their heads off, almost falling to the floor. 


“Wait!” Niall jumped up from the couch. “I’m gonna grab me guitar. Don’t eat all the toasties!” He exclaimed, jogging out the room. Louis laughed softly, taking a bite out of his.


Louis was happy. Niall was helping to take his mind off everything this morning, from Marco’s words to Kendall’s arrival. Well, that was until Kendall stood in the archway of the lounge, harsh eyes staring down at the boy, watching him devour the cheesy sandwich.


“Lewis!” Kendall yelled, faking excitement to see the boy.


Louis jumped at the sudden noise. How long had Kendal been standing there?


“I-It’s Louis..”


“Really? Oh, sorry, it’s just Harry told me it was pronounced Lewis.” He lied easily, watching into the room with his arms crossed over his chest. He looked to the tele. “Who’s winning?”


Louis didn’t want to keep his eyes on the man for too long, fearing he might get in trouble for staring, so he looked down at his toasty. “It’s a draw so far.” *


“Oh.” Kendall mumbled. Next thing Louis knew, Kendall was sitting down fairly close to him, elbows on his knees while his eyes were on the screen. Louis did the best he could to not show how awkward he felt right now. He moved slightly away from the older man, glad that Kendall didn’t move even closer as he did.


“So,” Kendall shifted his gaze to Louis, “you and Harry are, pretty close, aye?”


Louis’ fingers fiddled with his sandwich. “I-I guess. He’s a really good friend...” The boy mumbled, a small smile hinting at his lips. He could feel the cold metal of Harry’s necklace against his chest, sending nice chills inside him.


“Well that’s great…” The older man groaned, his hands turning into fists and gripping at his jeans. Then suddenly, he leaned dangerously closer to Louis’ face, a menacing glare in his eyes. “Just don’t get too close to my boy, and we won’t have any problems.” Kendall threatened quietly.


Louis didn’t have any words to say. He was a little shaken up by the threat. What did Kendall even mean by that? What problems? Louis just nodded, Kendall smirking at the quiet boy.


“Good.” Kendall glanced down at the three cheese toasties that Louis had, one in his hand and two on his place. The man scoffed. “Mind me helping?”


“I-I,” Without a proper answer, Kendall snatched up the two sandwiches from the boy’s plate with a sick smile.


“Wouldn’t want you eating too much, would we?” Kendall jabbed at Louis’ small tummy with his finger, laughing to himself as the man stood up and left to join Harry again.


The moment Kendall was out of the room, Louis had a frown on his lips. He looked down to his stomach, poking at the slight tub there, pursing his lips. He’s realized how a lot of people like to point out his tummy in photos and in the television performance a month ago.


Maybe Kendall was right. He could cut down on his portions a little; a lot would help faster…


He put the rest of his cheese toasty down on his plate and placed the dish on the coffee table in front of him. Soon he heard the sound of Niall’s loud voice and the booming strum of the younger boy’s guitar.


Niall raised a surprised eyebrow when he strolled into the lounge, chuckling softly as he looked to Louis’ practically empty plate. “Got hungry while I was gone, Lou?”  


Louis was quick to wrap his arms around his tummy, hiding everything. He just lied and nodded in response to his friend’s question. He continued on by trying to act as if Kendall said nothing to him.


Thankfully, Niall didn’t see through his act this time.

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