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Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Better known as One Direction. The hottest boyband loved all across the globe. But recently, the band have been going "downhill" when fan numbers drop and CD sales start to stop. Just when they think it's going to be the end of One Direction, the boys come up with an idea to hold auditions for one or two new members to join the band. Louis and Niall. The two boys who are massive fans of the band. When they hear the news, the boys decide to try out for themselves and achieve their own dreams. Will their idea work? What happens when things start to turn bad for the new member, Louis Tomlinson?


15. |chapter 14

|Chapter 14

Dressed in baggy jumpers and warm sweats, Louis and Zayn were chilling out in Zayn's room, lazying around and chatting about random topics. 

Zayn lied across the end on his bed, a sketchbook in his hand as he scribbled down different cartoons and objects. Until he looked up at Louis who was sat cross-legged, leaning against his pillows, looking down at the small charm that graced the necklace he was holding between his fingers, a small smile on his lips. Zayn flipped to the next page and stated to draw the boy, because why not?

After a few minutes of silence, Louis was still staring down at the small object. Zayn noticed how focused he seemed as he turned the pendant around in his finger tips. That's when he realized what necklace it was, seeing it before on another of his band mates.

"Isn't that Harry's necklace?" Zayn smirked. 

Louis' cheeks reddened, nodding. "Uh, y-yeah. He gave it to me before the performance. H'said to look at it to.. remind me to about all the times he calls me amazing. My voice I mean. And that whenever I'm doubting myself when I sing, that I should just hold onto it..." He spoke shyly. He gripped onto the pendant, smiling a little brighter.

Zayn smiled sweetly at the boy, seeing that slight sparkle in his eyes as he spoke about Harry. Zayn wouldn't be lying if he told you that he thought how close Louis and Harry were was adorable. The two seemed to get closer every time they were together. Yes, Zayn knew Harry had a boyfriend already, but he couldn't deny that Louis and Harry would be cute together.

“You guys are pretty close now, aren’t you? I heard about your little trip around London the other day. That was sweet of him.” Zayn said, continuing to draw the shadows of Louis' face on the drawing pad.

Louis' smile slowly dropped, soon forming into a frown. He pursed his lips, then sighed quietly. "We're not exactly as close as him and Kendall are."

It was quiet. The pencil no longer pressed to the paper as Zayn looked up at the blue-eyed boy with his brows furrowed.

"He finally told you?"

Louis shook his head, biting softly at his lower lip. "I kinda.. walked in on them... kissing."


The raven haired boy noticed how Louis looked a little bit down about it. He had a feeling why. Not only because Zayn had his suspicions about Louis' feelings towards the curly haired lad, but because if someone was acting the way Harry was with Louis around himself, then to find out they were actually taken, he'd feel guttered about it.

"Are you okay with it? Like, accept him and all?" 

"Of course..." Louis took a deep breath, looking up at the golden-eyed boy in front of him. Might as well tell him now, right? "I-I'm gay too, so... I'm all for it really."

Zayn smiled up at the smaller boy, shuffling up the bed to sit next to his mate, wrapping an arm around his waist to bring him into a comforting side hug. "Have you told the others?" He asks.

"I only need to tell Liam." Louis gave a tight smile.

Zayn nods, smiling at the boy, holding him closer. "Well, you know I'll love you no matter who you love, bro." He leaned over and pressed a quick kiss on Louis' cheek, making them colour to pink, and spread a wide smile on his lips.

"Thanks Z."

A silent moment passed until Louis looked down at the drawing book in Zayn's grip, his eyes widening, his jaw dropping slightly. "Whoa, Zayn! That's so good!" He took the book out of the younger boy's hand to look more closely at the drawing of himself looking down at Harry's necklace, a small smile on his face. 

Zayn just shrugged. "It's just a sketch so far."

"Well, then this sketch puts all my stick figure drawings to shame." Louis pouted playfully.

"I can finish this for you if you'd like?"

Louis smiled shyly, nodding. "If you want to."

Zayn chuckled, giving a soft nudge to the boy's side.


The five boys all agreed on going out for lunch that afternoon, deciding on fish and chips to eat.

Louis told the boys that he was going upstairs to change out of his sweats and to call him down when their driver comes to pick them up.

He stood in front of his closet, looking over the many tees and coloured jeans hanging up. His hand moves across the different shirts, finally choosing a red and white striped tee. He went to grab a pair of dark red jeans when his movements stopped. 

"You dress like a f-cking rainbow!"


Reminders of the many tweets he read the other day about his clothing choices rushed through his memory. A frown formed on his face. It did hurt to be teased about his own clothing style. He knew there was a possibility of paparazzi or fans finding them as they went out today, so he thought that maybe he shouldn't disappoint them this time.

Maybe he can change it up a little..

Knowing Niall was downstairs with the others, Louis quickly slipped into the Irish boy's bedroom, walking over to his closet. He found a pair of Niall's black jeans, scrunching his nose at how boring they were, but Harry made them look hot. So perhaps he'd look a little bit better in them himself?

Louis looked down at the white TOMS that covered his feet, sighing slightly. Maybe a shoe change would be good too. So, Louis snatched up a pair of Niall's red high top converse to match his shirt, and rushed back to his own bedroom to get changed.

It was a bit of a struggle to pull the jeans on, it was a very tight fit around the bum. 

"Fat arse!"

Louis shook his head, trying to ignore the voice in his head. He finished getting dressed, looking into the full length mirror in front of him. He cocked his head to the side, looking at a different him. He couldn't decide if he liked the black or not, it was different to his colours. But if the fans liked him in something this, maybe he'd have to get use to it.

"Lou!" Zayn called from downstairs. At that, Louis picked up his warm coat and met the boys in the foyer. They all start to walk out the the van.

Niall's eyes where caught on Louis, immediately noticing something was different. He looked the boy up and down, staring up at him suspiciously. "Are they my jeans and shoes?" 

Harry overhears, turning his head to look at the two.

“Oh uh, yeah. You don’t mind do you?” Louis asked nervously.

"Course not, just curious as to why you're wearing them s'all."

Louis shrugs. "Just.. trying it out? I kinda like your clothes?" He lied quietly, his hand gripping onto his arm.

Niall raised an eyebrow, looking at the boy with a 'seriously' look. “You always tell me I dress boring! You prefer your colour.”

"Well, maybe I want a little bit of a change.. you know?"

As Harry continued to listen, he was confused at Louis' words at first. But then the thought came to mind. Was Louis reading those tweets? Even worse, listening to them?! Harry frowned, looking away from the too. 

Louis didn't need to change his clothes to make people happier.


After entering the small fish and chip restaurant successfully unnoticed, the five boys sat themselves at a booth near the back of the room, not wanting to be too close to the windows even though they were covered in frost.

Harry sat next to Louis on one side of the booth, Niall and Liam on the other side, and Zayn sitting in the middle at the end. 

Looking around, a couple of the walls had a Christmas decoration handing on it, reminding them how close Christmas was. Five days exactly. That also meant four days until Louis was twenty-one. He didn't want to make a big fuss about it, so he didn't plan on reminding the other boys.

They ordered their food and drinks, then started talking among each other and enjoy the food. Louis had his phone in his hands, staring down at the screen at times for no real reason, before setting on the table top.

Louis noticed how occasionally Harry would knock his thigh against his own, but Louis just thinks that the curly haired boy was just doing it accidentally. But then he noticed at times how Harry would steal quick glances to his jeans, his face and then would stare back down at his drink of Lemonade, watching as the bubbles would float to the top of the bottle. Louis wanted to ask what was wrong, but he stayed silent.

Louis' phone then buzzed on the table, the screen lit up. It caught Niall's attention as he looked down at it, smirking when he saw what the notification was. Seeing that Louis hadn't read his phone yet, Niall snatched it up, only then catching the older boy's attention.

"Hey Lou, one of your followers asked when you're gonna update 'Our Last Love'."

Hearing those words, Louis' eyes widened, shaking his head rapidly at Niall and giving him a look to say 'don't you dare bring that up, Horan!'. "No."

"What's that?" Liam asked, confused.

"Just a little story Lou wrote.."

"Don't you dare."

".. About Zayn and Liam." Niall answered, teasing Louis as he saw the boy's face turn red in embarrassment.

Zayn and Liam looked at each other with wide eyes, confusion clear in their features. "A story?"

"Niall can you not-"

"He wrote a fanfiction about you two!"

Louis hid his face in his hands as Niall started to laugh a little, amused. Why the hell is Niall bringing this up?! 

"You mean... us two, together?" Zayn questioned quietly, a slightly awkward look on his face.

"He's actually not that bad of an author, honestly. Quite popular too!" Niall continues to tease.

“You can’t say you’re not guilty of writing them either!” Louis defends, glaring up at the blonde boy.

"Nothing like yours Lou!" Suddenly there was an evil glint in Niall's blue eyes, the boy smirking, making Louis worry about what he was about to say. "Especially not two-hundred chapter ones about myself and Harry." Niall says quickly, not realizing what he was talking about around Harry himself.

Harry looked down at the older boy with growing eyes, the blue-eyed boy looking back at him shyly, shaking his head. "He's just kidding! Ha ha, I s-swear... I-I never wrote anything about.. us.." Louis said awkwardly, his voice dropping with each word.

Niall just scoffed softly, mumbling a small "sure", Louis sending him a glare.

Louis felt a small breath of air on his ear, freezing at the feeling.

"Two-hundred chapters?" Harry asked quietly into Louis' ear so only the older boy could hear. Louis shivered slightly at the sound of his voice, blushing once again as he slowly looked up into Harry's emerald eyes. "Long chapters?"


A small lop-sided smile graced the younger boy's pink lips. "How much detail can you fit into two-hundred long chapters?" Harry teased, chuckling softly.

Embarrassed, Louis reached out and picked up a hot chip to eat, hoping this topic would never come up again. 

They were never meant to know about that.


Heyo my lovely readers!
I guess I've decided to update when I can, because these are just coming up randomly nowadays. Anyway, this was just a filler chapter really, but hopefully it was good? Also, do you like the cover I updated or is the other one better for now? You can be honest, I like the other one, but I don't know. I'm hoping to finish writing a few more chapters so that I have some to post when I go back to school :/ boo...

Okay, I'll leave you alone now :)

-chloe xx

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