One Chance || l.s

Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Better known as One Direction. The hottest boyband loved all across the globe. But recently, the band have been going "downhill" when fan numbers drop and CD sales start to stop. Just when they think it's going to be the end of One Direction, the boys come up with an idea to hold auditions for one or two new members to join the band. Louis and Niall. The two boys who are massive fans of the band. When they hear the news, the boys decide to try out for themselves and achieve their own dreams. Will their idea work? What happens when things start to turn bad for the new member, Louis Tomlinson?


13. |chapter 12

|Chapter 12

Snow was now starting to fall down in London, and the air was much cooler inside the house that morning. Louis had a thick blanket wrapped around his body as he descended the staircase, rubbing at his tired eyes and yawning a little. His hair was a scruffy mess, not bothering to tame his bed hair.

The boy looked around the arch way to the kitchen, spotting Harry sitting down on one of the bar stools, typing away on his phone, a steaming cup of tea placed next to him. His bare back was facing Louis, the older boy’s eyes secretly raking over Harry’s back muscles and the few scattered tattoos on his arm. Louis bit down on his lower lip. Thoughts of how soft and warm Harry’s skin would be under the touch of his fingertips flew through his mind, making a small grin appear on his lips.

Before he could get caught checking the younger boy out, Louis walked into the kitchen quietly, the floor padding under his feet.

“Morning Haz.” Louis said softly, not to scare the boy.

Harry looked up from his phone, switching it off and smiling at the shorter boy. “G’morning Lou. The kettle’s still hot if you want a cuppa.”

Louis smiled back, nodding and walking over to the mug cabinet, grabbing down his mug off the lowest shelve. “How was your sleep?”

Harry was silent for a moment, his lips pursed, before he answered. “Just fine.. You?”

“Pretty good actually. I was kinda tired after the performance last night, so I was out like a light.” Louis chuckled lightly, placing the teabag in the mug and pouring the boiling hot water.

The taller boy stood up from his stool, walking over to the large pantry, looking inside. “I’ll make us some breakfast. The others won’t be up for a while since we have nothing on today. There’s not much to offer… only Weetabix actually.”

“How fancy.” Louis joked.

Harry pulled the box out of the pantry and took two bowls out of the cupboard, placing them on the bench top. “I promise a better sounding lunch later.”

“I’m good with that.” Louis picked up his mug, holding his blanket tight with his spare hand. He starts to walk out of the kitchen to go to the lounge.

“You cozy enough there?” Harry asked with a smirk on his face.


Louis set his tea on the coffee table, grabbed up the TV remote and plopped down onto the couch. He crossed his legs and cuddled up into his warm blanket, picking up his tea again and switching the TV on.

He flicked through the many channels, rolling his eyes at some of the ridiculous contraptions people were trying to sell viewers. 

"Anything interesting on?" Harry questioned, walking in with two hot bowl of cereal, handing one to the blue eyed boy and sitting down next to him.

Louis couldn't help but do a quick once over on Harry's torso. His swallow tattoos looked so pretty up close, and his faint six-pack... Louis had to mentally control himself.

"No, not really."

The older boy couldn't help but notice how Harry's body was slowly moving a centimetre closer towards his. Louis looked over to the younger boy with a raised eyebrow, a slight smile on his lips.

"Can we, maybe share?" Harry gestured to the blanket wrapped around Louis. "It is actually kind of cold in here."

With a growing pink blush, Louis nodded. He unwrapped half of the blanket from his body, holding it out so that Harry could in scoot next to him. Harry shuffled on the couch, his side now pressed against Louis', wrapping the blanket the boy was holding around him. He hummed in content.

"Much better." Harry's words caused Louis's cheeks to turn a darker pink, looking down at his bowl of Weetabix to terribly hide the burn. The reaction made Harry furrow his brows in slight confusion, with a little bit of wonder. 

"And in other celebrity news, the boys of One Direction are back and performing, but now with two new members!"

The words the reporter said on the TV made the boy's heads turn to see what the lady was talking about. 

"Last night Harry, Liam, Zayn and the two new members Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson performed a song from their new album 'Take Me Home' on a live TV performance. When the five boys walked out on stage, fans were shocked to see the new boys, anxious to hear what they were like. Louis and Niall had auditioned for the three original boys for their spots in the band, so you'd think the boy's would pick out the best they could find to fill those missing places. Well, One Direction fans seem to have different thoughts on the new members."

Louis' brows furrowed in confusion, but slight interest as well. On the other hand, Harry's eyes were wide, worry filling them as he looked over to the smaller boy.

"Right after the live performance, fans were bombarding Twitter with tweets and trending hash tags, expressing their thoughts and comments on the new members. And let's just say, not every comment was as happy as others. Lou-"

The screen was switched off, the remote control in Harry's hand. Louis didn't even get a chance to ask way he turned it off, because Harry quickly said out of nowhere, "You know, I think you and I should do something together today. Maybe go adventure around London, yeah?"

Louis was confused. What was the reporter going to say? Why was Harry asking to do something with him? Wait... Harry asked Louis to do something with him today. Whatever the lady was saying before shifted to the back of his mind, but he wont forget it, he'll find out what she was saying later. Right now, he had to comprehend that Harry actually asked Louis to go out and do something.. together.. just them.

"Oh, uh, yeah. I guess we could." Louis chuckled, eating a scoop of his breakfast.

Harry smiled, eating up his food too. He quietly sighed, looking down at the smiley boy next to him, pursing his lips.


"You know, I've never been in London until I was in the band." Louis confessed, looking around at the many people walking on the streets of London.

"Really? Well, I guess it will be funner to show you around!" Harry smiled.

Louis laughed softly, mumbling under his breath, "That's not even a word." remembering the quote from a funny cartoon animation a guy made of the boys. Adventurous Adventures of One Direction.

The two boys started walking down one of the busy streets, making it a little bit easier to hide from the crowds. Louis looked around at the bustling people carrying several bags, and the pretty Christmas decorations that hung from lamp posts or shop signs. Suddenly his eyes widened when he spotted a certain shop, it's bright pink name standing out from the darker buildings.

Harry looked down at the shorter boy when he realized he stopped walking. He followed Louis' gaze until his eyes hit the familiar shop. "You want to go to Milkshake City?"

Louis looked back to Harry, nodding slightly with a small smile. Harry remembered always coming to this little shop with Zayn and Liam while they were on the X Factor. It was a good laugh, joking around with all of the nice workers.

The small bell above the door rang softly throughout the practically empty store. There was only the cashier present in the room, and when the woman looked up from the small notepad she was drawing random doodles on, her face lit up with a wide smile.

"Harry! Gosh I haven't seen you in here for ages!" The young woman, only about mid twenties, exclaimed, walking around the counter with her arms held out wide for a hug. Harry walked over to her, wrapping her up in a quick hug. "No Zayn or Liam with you?"

"Not today Leigh. But I did bring Louis with me." Harry grinned, turning around to face the shorter boy, who was brushing the small amount of snow that collected on the shoulders of his coat and rubbing his hands together to make them warm once again. 

"Louis? ...Oh! The new band member, am I right?"

"Lou." Harry called softly to the boy, taking notice of how he seemed to be in his own world for a moment, observing everything in the shop.

At the mention of his name, Louis paid attention to the two, walking over slowly and standing close to Harry. "Yeah. Well, I'm one of the new members at least." Louis chuckled softly.

Leigh smiled back at the boy. "It's nice to meet you, Louis. So! I'm guessing you two didn't just come in for a chat," she skipped behind the counter again, "what will it be, boys?"

"I'll get my usual favourite." Harry answered, knowing the girl would remember the only milkshake flavour he ever orders. He looked down at the blue-eyed boy. "What do you want Lou?"

Before Louis could get locked into Harry's bright green eyes, he looked up to the sign that had every flavour written on it, pursing his lips as he thought over his choices. "I'll have a chocolate chip cookie milkshake." He replies. He likes cookie dough, so why not have that in a milkshake?

"Coming right up!" Leigh said before she grabbed two cups and walked to the milkshake station to make them.

Louis started to look around again and his eyes caught onto a small photo wall, each picture hanging in a hot pink frame. He noticed a few of them included Harry, Liam and Zayn smiling wide next to one of the workers or a customer. He stepped over to look closer at the photographs, not helping but letting out a small cute squeal over how cute Harry looked back in 2010 with his many more curls and baggy clothing. Different to his now looser curls, skinny jeans and a few tattoos.

"I remember seeing these all over tumblr." Louis turned to look at the taller boy who was now standing next to him. "You were once so small. While I'm forever small." He pouted.

"I find it cute that you're shorter than me, even though you're three years older than me." Harry chuckled softly, wrapping his arm around Louis' shoulders.

Louis rolled his eyes. "Embarrassing, I think you mean embarrassing to be shorter than you."

Harry just shook his head, his curls bouncing at the movement. He grinned, dimples poking out. "It makes you seem even more cuddly!" The younger exclaimed before he wrapped both of his arms around the older boy, holding him tight. Louis had his head pressed against Harry's chest, his eyes closing with a small smile growing on his lips, taking in the nice warmth. 

Suddenly there was a flash coming from behind the two boys, making them turn around. Leigh was stood there with a camera in her hand, a grin on her face.

"You don't mind adding that to the wall, right?" She asks.

Harry and Louis looked at each other before shaking their heads, smiling. "We don't mind." They replied at the same time, making them laugh at each other.

"You two are too cute." Leigh said quietly, but loud enough for them both to hear. Harry looked at her slightly confused with a hint of nervousness, while Louis' cheeks formed a brush of pink over each. Leigh picked up two milkshake cups, handing them over to the boys. Harry payed the small amount and gave a final goodbye to the girl, before they walked out of the store and into the cold once again.

The boys continued around the streets of London, sipping on their milkshakes, laughing loudly at the funny stories they told each other. They visited a couple of the random stores on the streets, messing around with the funny items inside one of the clothing stores.

Harry picked up one of the many hats on show, placing it on his head and looked at himself in the body length mirror on the wall. 

"Lou? Do you think fedoras suit me?" He questions, turning to the other boy to hear his opinion.

Louis turned around from scanning the many expensive shoes, looking to Harry. A smile slipped on his lips. "You actually don't look bad in one, Styles. I like it." 

Later on, they happen to walk past London's Tower Bridge. Harry looked up at the tall structure. 

"Wouldn't it be cool to just stand on top of that?"  

Louis looked at him, his brow raised, looking at him like he was mad. "Maybe if you were crazy, sure! Go right ahead!" He said sarcastically.

"Come on. You have to admit that it would be cool to look over the whole city, the wind blowing through your hair, enjoying the moment with someone.."

Harry glanced down at Louis, his curls blowing over his eyes a little. Louis' blue eyes stared back into Harry's green, silent as he let the moment sink in. He didn't notice until now just how close they were standing next to each other. One step closer and they could feel the other's warmth. 

A few small specks of snow fell onto Louis' nose and cheek. Harry reached up and gently brushed them away with his thumb. Louis blushed softly, but didn't break his gaze. 

But then Harry realized what he was doing, clearing his throat and looking away from the shorter boy. Louis seemed to snap back to reality, his short fantasy over.

"Uhm, y-yeah. When you put it poetically like that."


By night, Harry and Louis were back home. Kendall stopped by to see Harry, the two chilling in Harry's room. Louis has yet to meet Kendall, but he supposes that they're a nice person, since Harry's friends typically are all nice.

When it started to get late and darker outside, Liam, Niall and Zayn decided they wanted to go out for a small celebration drink for last night's performance as a new band. They ask Harry and Louis if they wanted to join, but they kindly declined, Louis saying he was a little tired. They understood, telling him that it's just him and Harry in the house, they were pretty sure Kendall had left already or that they were leaving soon.

As the time ticked along, Louis was a little bored, looking around his room to find something to do. He got distracted when he heard a 'ping' sound from his phone. He picked up the IPhone, turning the screen on to see a tweet from Niall saying,

"Couple of celebration beers with the lads! Performing was amazing last night!"

Louis opened up the tweet, noticing a picture attached to the tweet with Zayn, Liam and Niall himself holding up glasses, wide grins on their faces. Louis smiled.

His eyes glanced down to the notification icon, showing a whole heap of mentions. He remembered back to this morning when the reporter was talking about Niall, Louis and the fans.

Well, he can see what she meant now.

Louis clicked the icon with his thumb, tweets directed to him popping up. Some of the notifications were just telling him who had favourited or retweeted one of his tweets. But when he scrolled down, his brows furrowed, paying more attention to what each tweet was saying. And to put it short, they weren't exactly nice tweets.

"What is @Louis_Tomlinson? A fucking rainbow?! With the way he dresses he has to be gay"

"@Louis_Tomlinson doesn't need to be wearing suspenders to hold up his jeans, his fat ass can do that for him."

"I was excited to hear the new members sing... But Louis practically fucked up the whole song!!!"

"I'm pretty sure @Louis_Tomlinson was chosen out of pity. The guy can't hit a single note even if he tried."

"@Louis_Tomlinson take your gay self and stay the fuck away from our boys!"

"WE LOVE YOU @LOUIS_TOMLINSON!!! said no one ever haha!"

"@Louis_Tomlinson Definition: a gay, ugly, fat, talent-less faggot!"

Tweet after tweet, they were never ending. Each one stating a new mean comment. They pointed out his flaws and made a joke of his voice. And with every word that Louis read, he took it to heart.

Tears started to build up in his blue eyes, making it a little hard to read on. His heart was clenching in pain, his breathing was getting caught by sobs. The salty water streamed down his cheeks, his bottom lip starting to tremble. 

This is why Harry didn't want him to know what the reporter was going to say. He didn't want Louis to get hurt. But he was now. The fans' words ran rapidly around his head, almost shouting the words at him. 

Louis dropped his phone onto the bed. He looked up, staring into the mirror that was in front of his bed. He looked over his reflection, biting his bottom lip.

Fat, ugly, talent-less, faggot.

As he continued to stare at himself.. he started to believe some of the things they were saying.

Not even Harry's necklace could fight the words he read.

The tears continued to pour from his puffy red eyes, his breath shaky. He felt alone. He needed someone to hold him. Whenever he was upset, either his mum or his sisters would hold him until he had calmed down or was happy again. But they weren't here now.

But Harry was here. Harry would hold him, he has in the past when he was a little down. The younger boy would always say that he would be there whenever Louis needed him. And right now, he really did.

Not a second later, Louis stood up from his bed and walked out of his room and across the hall to Harry's bedroom door. Looking at the door, Louis was shy to knock, but he did, ever so faintly, but to him it sounded as if he were slamming on the wood.

There was only the slightest of noise on the other side over to wooden door, so he knew Harry was awake. He waited for a few more seconds and when Harry didn't answer, he thought that Harry must have just expected him to walk in without needing a reply.

As quietly as he could, he turned the door knob, pushing the door open slowly, poking his head inside.

What he saw next was one that shocked him...

Harry wasn't alone in his room. He was on top of someone. A boy in fact. His lips locked with the boy beneath him in a slow, deep and passionate kiss. The boy's fingers running through Harry's curls, a hand on his lower back to hold Harry against him.

More tears built up as Louis' eyes took in the sight. 

Before he could see anymore, he stepped out of the room and quickly slammed the door shut, running back to him room and closing the door behind him.

Kendall definitely hadn't left yet...


The secret is out and the reveal of who Kendall is. I PROMISE every tweet I wrote is a complete lie! Louis is perfect, every single thing about him!

I'm sorry for the horrible updates, but holidays are here in a couple of days so that means better updates! woo! And thank you to everyone who has commented on this story, you guys make me smile :D so thank you

I love you so much! -chloe xx

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