One Chance || l.s

Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Better known as One Direction. The hottest boyband loved all across the globe. But recently, the band have been going "downhill" when fan numbers drop and CD sales start to stop. Just when they think it's going to be the end of One Direction, the boys come up with an idea to hold auditions for one or two new members to join the band. Louis and Niall. The two boys who are massive fans of the band. When they hear the news, the boys decide to try out for themselves and achieve their own dreams. Will their idea work? What happens when things start to turn bad for the new member, Louis Tomlinson?


2. |chapter 1

|Chapter 1

“So,” Niall started, walking over to Louis’ closet and ripping through all his clothes. “What are you going to wear for the audition?” He picked up a few shirts before shaking his head and chucking them across the room, only to hit Louis right in the face.

Today was finally the day of the auditions for the new members of One Direction, and the boys were getting ready. Niall was dressed in a red and blue plaid shirt and a plain white tee underneath  with cream coloured chinos, sporting them with a pair of white high tops. He styled his hair a little neater than usual so he wouldn’t look like such a grub. Now that Niall was ready, he was helping out Louis to find something presentable.

Louis chucked the shirt back at him. “Why can’t I just wear what I usually wear?” Louis asked.

“At least put some effort into looking nice. I don’t think a large shirt and slacks are what they’re looking for.” Louis rolled his eyes. Niall picked up a few more shirts before deciding on one of his best striped tees. “Here. How about this top with…” He rummaged through the wooden draws. He smiled when he found the perfect bottoms. “And these!” He exclaimed pulling out a bright coloured pair of red skinny chinos.

Louis eyes widened. “I had those hidden away! If I wear them I’ll look like a walking marker! Can’t I at least wear the blue ones?”

Niall shook his head in response. “Nope, you’re wearing these. And besides, you’ll stand out from everyone in the room.”

“Because I really want everyone to notice me.” Louis said sarcastically. “But fine.” He took the chinos from Niall’s grasp and placed the outfit on the bed to examine it. “I guess it’s nice.”

“Of course it’s nice! I put it together.” He chuckled. “Oh, and pair these shoes with it.” He handed Louis a pair of his white TOMS and then smiled at his masterpiece. “Wait!”

“What more could you possibly add to this?” Louis watched as his friend searched through every draw before a grin brightened his face when he found it. “Do I really have to wear them Nialler?” Louis wined.

“You wear suspenders basically every second day. What’s wrong with wearing them now?” He questioned.

“Well, I’ll look geeky or something in front of them. Who likes a boy in suspenders?”

“You never know. And you won’t look geeky in them; you always look like your sexy self. Your words! Not mine!” They both laughed.

Once their laughter died down, Niall pushed the outfit into Louis’ chest ordering him to try it on. With a groan from the feathered haired boy, he walked into the bathroom down the hall.

Stripping down to his boxers and pulling on the chinos, shirt, suspenders and TOMS, Louis looked into the mirror to see his reflection. He had to admit, the outfit really did go together, and he actually liked those bright coloured chinos. Hopefully Harry, Zayn and Liam would think so too… but he really hoped Harry liked them because, well, he wants to look somewhat good in front of his celebrity crush.

Doing a quick spin and flashing a smile liking what he saw, he made his way back to his bedroom where an impatient Niall was waiting his arrival. He perked up when he saw the newly dressed boy, smiling. “Soo, how did I do? Do you like it? I know the boys will love it! Because I already do.”

Louis smiled. “Not bad Nialler. I like it.” He commented, which brought an award winning smile to Niall’s face.

“Yes! Okay, now the hair.” Niall circled the boy, thinking what he could do to his flat hair. He started to fiddle around with some strands, adding a bit of gel here and there until finally, he was happy with the style. “Perfect!” Niall exclaimed. He turned Louis around to see his reflection in the mirror behind him.

When Louis finally saw himself, he had a wide smile on his face. He felt like he was looking at a different person, when it was only himself looking back. “Wow, thanks Niall. I actually love it.” Louis commented. Niall almost hit the roof with happiness from Louis’ thoughts on the outfit.

Niall cheered with his arms waving in the air, while Louis just laughed at the crazy blonde. “So,” Louis huffed. “Ready to do this?” He asked nervously. Louis has been becoming slightly more nervous each day up until now, and right now his nerves feel like they are going to get the best of him.

Niall smiled reassuringly at his scared friend. “Yep. You’ll do great out there Lou, I know it.” Niall patted his shoulder to show he’s there for him. Louis gave him a thankful smile in return.

“So will you Nialler. Now, we better get going before we turn up late.” Louis exclaimed before running out the room with Niall close on his tail.

The jumpy boys run down the hallway, but were stopped when Louis heard his younger sister of four, Charlotte, call out his name. “Louis!” The younger girl shouted from her room further down the hall.

“Yeah Lottie?” Louis stood at the door of her bedroom only to then be crushed in a tight hug from the shorter girl. Louis chuckled and hugged her back.

“Do awesome, okay? I know you will but I’m just reminding you. And, um, can you possibly do one little favour for me?” Lottie asked looking up at her older brother with pleading eyes. Louis had a feeling he knew the favour already.

Louis chuckled. “I’ll try and say ‘Hi’ to them for you, but I can’t promise anything.” Lottie’s eyes beamed happily at him, tightening her arms around him.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Louis!”

“No problem, but as much as I love you and all, I have to go or I’ll be late and won’t say a single word to them.” Louis heard Lottie gasp in realization, pulling back immediately.

“Then what am I doing standing here hugging you while you could be talking to the sexiest boys alive! Go, go, go!” She ushered the two boys out of her room. The boys chuckled at how much Louis’ sister was basically like them.

“Well, you heard the girl. Go, go, go!” Niall cheered, pulling Louis along to his car.


After a long two hour drive from Doncaster to London, Louis and Niall were only mere metres away from the giant theatre hall the auditions would take place in. More importantly, they were only a few minutes away from standing in front of the boys they idolised and dreamed over.

Louis’ foot bounced up and down on the car floor from the escalating nerves inside of him, his lips pursed and eyes closed trying to calm down his excited shivers. Niall’s finger tips tapped over the steering wheel as he searched for a parking space in the crowded streets. He could barely stay still in his seat though. Massive crowds flooded the small streets of London, with cars filling the roads and crowded pavements with pass byers with coloured umbrellas protecting them from the slight rain pour.

Finally, Niall spotted a free car space and claimed it before anyone else. He huffed out a puff of breath which caught Louis’ attention, causing him to open his once closed eyes. “We’re finally here Lou. Only minutes from now, we’ll be standing right in front of them. Geez, I’m so nervous, but the good kind you know.” Niall looked over at his best friend, only to see Louis with the most scared look he’s ever seen before.

“I really don’t think I can do this Nialler…” Louis mumbled as he looked out the car windows and watched as boys and girls – who he assumed were auditioning as well considering the amount of effort they put in to look nice and tidy for today – passed by their car. He gulped as the nervous shivers came back to him. He then felt a warm hand on his back, rubbing circles onto the t-shirt covered skin. Louis looked over at Niall with wide, scared eyes.

“Lou, calm down okay? I know how amazing you are, you know how amazing you are. Don’t let those silly nerves take over you now. Sure, I’m scared out of my pants right now, but I’m just trying to shake those nerves off and put a confident smile on my face. I know you can do that Lou.” Niall reassured the shaking boy.

Louis smiled at his friend’s words, breathing out a sigh. “Thanks Niall. I’m trying to, but I guess this is just a stupid habit of mine.” Louis shook his head. “But, enough about this. If we actually want a chance at auditioning we better get inside now!”

With a small curt nod to each other, they stepped out of the car and out into the freezing cold rain. They ran for a quick shelter, but then realized the auditorium was far down the street on the other side of the road where there was no shelter.

“Why didn’t we think about umbrellas on a day like this?” Louis thought aloud. “We’re walking in London where it’s raining every second minute and we are probably the only people without umbrellas.” He groaned, watching the pelting rain pour from the grey, cloudy sky.

“Well I have my jacket to cover us a bit.” Niall suggested, slipping off his black jumper and holding one end of it while Louis held the other over their heads. “It’s the best we’ve got right now.”

Louis nodded. “As long and we’re not dripping of water when we walk inside, we are okay.”

Niall and Louis counted to three then started to sprint through the big crowds of people, bumping into few occasionally. “Up there!” Niall exclaimed over the loud noise of rain hitting the road and people’s loud chatter, pointing to the huge auditorium.

Finally when the boys reached the building, they took no longer to walk into the warm building. They looked down at themselves and noticed they got fairly wet on their shoulders and at the bottom of their trousers from when they stepped into deep puddles accidently. Their faces had a few drops of water dripping down them as well. The both sighed. “Just great…”

Louis looked up and noticed everyone in the room was looking at them with strange, wired looks. Louis blushed slightly embarrassed, wiping the excess water from his cheeks. Just when he hoped he didn’t attract any attention from anyone, he gets the exact opposite.

“Lou, everyone is looking at us, aren’t they?”

“Yep…” Louis replied sighing. “C’mon, we have to sign up over there.” Louis nodded to a big desk with a little queue in front of it. They walked over to the desk, lining up behind a girl whose black hair was teased until it was the same height as the Eifel Tower and a mini skirt that was too short to even be considered a mini skirt. Even her voice was shocking to the boys. High pitch, squeally and really loud.

Once the girl finally finished writing in her name and all her detail things, Louis and Niall stood up to the desk. “Hello boys! Auditioning today?” The lady exclaimed with a bright smile sporting her face.

“Yes we are.” Niall replied confidently, though you could still tell there was shaky nervous there.

“Great! Nice to see a few boys roll in today and audition. Okay, I will need you to fill out these sheets for us” She pulled out two clipboards with the sign-up sheets on them and a pen at the top. “and just hand them back in when you are done.”

“Will do. Thank you.” Louis said flashing a quick smile before taking the clipboards and walking over with Niall to a row of seats. He handed Niall his board and sat down on the plush chairs. “Okay…” Louis took in a deep breath before starting to fill in the blank spaces of the sheet.

Name: Louis Tomlinson

Age: 19

Phone Number: 0208 --- ---

From: Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England

Occupation: Working a job at “Toys ‘R’ Us”

Please circle one: Fan/Not a fan

Louis debated whether to tell the truth or not. Would he embarrass himself if he circled that he was a fan, or not? He decided to just say the truth and draw a neat circle around ‘fan’, and Niall did the same.

After several questions, the sheets were complete and the boys handed in the clipboards back to the lady. “Well, no turning back now Tommo.”

They walked around the large, crowded room scanning their eyes over different frames showing many different music artists. Louis sighed, remembering how much the waiting room for the X Factor looked like this very room. He felt like this was his second attempt at the competition, except this time there were no live shows and no cameras following your every move. Since that day, he’s always wished he was never scared of singing in front of others. To not be a coward. But that isn’t exactly easy to do.

“Look at everyone Ni. How are we supposed to stand out from all these people? We’re just two out of a thousand.”

Louis' eyes scaned the room, overlooking everyone who was here to audition today. He noticed a few hundred guys sitting and standing around. They were probably begged to audition by their sisters. As Louis took in all the boys appearances, he couldn't help but start to feel a little self conscious about himself.

Were his clothes too loud? His hair wasn't gelled up liked everyone's seemed to do. Should he quickly go fix it in the bathroom?

Louis; hands started to shake, his nerves once again returning. He was taking deep breaths. Was he overthinking everything?

Niall shrugged. “We can only hope right?” He turned to face Louis, smiling at him. Louis returned the gesture, taking a seat on the chairs, waiting for his name to be called and the moment he has waited a month for.

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