True Love in Seoul

Sylvia and Cassie, a wonderful duo tries to conquer the beautiful city of Seoul. What happens when they bump into the most popular boy group of the time, Nu'est? Find out by this thrilling adventure!

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3. Ch. 2 : Black

New 'Chapter'!! Don't hate me XP




“Cass! Get ready! They’re picking us up!”


“Wait what? When?”


“Like in ten! Get ready you lazy ass!”


She quickly changed into a pair of ripped sky blue skinny jeans, a pink-beige top, did her makeup. I put on my light turquoise jeggings, a grey long sleeves, a scarf and did my makeup. I quickly grabbed my leather jacket and Cass got her jean jacket. I put on my TOMS she put on her matching pink flats. We stepped into the elevator and Cassie was listening to Nu’est, obviously. I check my phone. It was only 4:00 PM, we had lots of time.


“It’s kinda chilly outside” said the person at the front desk. “Make sure you don’t catch a cold!”


“Thank you.” I replied in fluent Korean. Trust me, when I say fluent, I mean more or less fluent. Korean is hard.


“Hey, are they here yet?” asked Cassie. She seemed a bit worried..


“Don’t worry, they’ll be here soon!” I replied reassuring her. “Oh there they are! Let’s go!”


“Hey Sylvia, is this your friend?” asked Aron as he got out of the car.


“Yea, this is Cassie. Cass, this is Aron.”


Cassie looked like she was about to faint. I kinda got why, it’s her fave band, but they’re just normal people… The rest of the guys got out of the car, and I nearly had a heart attack… The guy I was obsessed over a couple years ago looked amazing… When he made eye contact with me and smiled, I felt like I melted.


“Sylvia, Cassie, this is Baekho.” He gestured to the tough looking blond guy in the back.


“Hello! Welcome to Korea!” He seems really nice.


“This is JR, our leader,” he said while the brunette who was waving.


“Hello! I hope you will enjoy your time here!” he said with a nice smile.


“This is Ren.” Cassie looked extremely red.


“Welcome.” he said while shaking our hands. Cassie fell onto the ground.


“Oh my god, are you okay?” Ren asked while helping her up.


“Oh. My. God. You’re Ren. Oh. My. God.” Cassie said in disbelief.


“Oh, so you’re one of my fans?”


I intervened and pulled her away before she did something embarrassing.


“Yea, she is, a really big fan of yours.” I responded for her.


“Okay then,” said Aron. “And last but not least, Minhyun.”


I looked at him again and kinda just stood there, admiring his beauty.


“Sylvia? Should we get going?” asked Aron.


“Uh, um, yea, we should.”


“Then let’s get going!”





“Wow, this is so beautiful!” We were visiting the Gyeongbokgung Palace. I was always really interested in history, so social studies was one of my favourite classes. To be here and being able to see these beautiful buildings was really spectacular. We were at our third stop. We already visited Bukhansan National Park and Namsangol Hanok Village. We even went to the restricted parts because they were stars. I feel like I was taking advantage of them, but I love the history.I was feeling extremely hungry. I had some food in my bag, but I gave it to Cassie to keep her sugars leveled. So that means that it’s been 10 hours since I ate. It’s almost 7 at night.


“Hey, guys, I’m really happy that you’re taking us on a tour, but are you guys not feeling hungry?”


“Oh thank god you said that! I’m starving!” said Ren,


“So am I,” said Baekho. “We didn’t want to stop the tour because of how entranced you guys looked.”


I blushed. “I’ve always had a soft spot when it comes to history…”


“Hey, I know this great restaurant! Yong Su San I believe.It was rated as the top 10 Korean resturants. It should taste good.” said JR.


“It sounds expensive.” said Cassie.


“Hahaha, you must have forgotten that we are idols after all.” said Baekho.


“Well, we’ll pay for our food, okay?” I said.


“No, no, no. That won’t work. You’re are our guests, it’s us who will pay.” said Minhyun, looking at me. I blushed feeling a bit light-headed.


“Whoa…” I said before everything blacked out.




Hahaha I’m evil aren’t I? Cassie! This is what you get for telling me to UPDATE.

Anyways, CLIFFHANGER!! I hope you guys enjoyed the ‘chapter’. I know it’s really short, but whatever.


Have a nice day/night,

~ Sylvia

Song of the chapter: Haru Haru (Bigbang)



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