True Love in Seoul

Sylvia and Cassie, a wonderful duo tries to conquer the beautiful city of Seoul. What happens when they bump into the most popular boy group of the time, Nu'est? Find out by this thrilling adventure!

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2. Ch. 1: The Beginning

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I just recently moved to Seoul and it was raining. I walked out of my hotel, a temporary accommodation, to hail a cab. I stood there in the rain with my umbrella, and as a cab was approaching, a man bumped into me and I fell down into a puddle. I looked up and saw a handsome young man apologizing for knocking me over. I was soaked and he pulled me up. I fell into his chest and blushed. I stood up properly.


"I'm in a hurry, could I give you my number and you can call me about the dry cleaning fee." he  said.


"Oh, you're in a hurry? Well there's a cab right there... It'll take us both to where we're going." I said in return.


"Okay,let's hurry" he said with a smile.


And so, this is how my life turned upside down.


“So, where are you going” asked the cabbie.


“Um,” I looked at the man beside me “Where are you going?”


“Pledis Entertainment Studio” he said.


I looked at him. That place is where all the idols are.


“Are you an idol…?” I asked, shocked.


“Um, yes. I am a member of a boy group called Nu’est.”


Nu’est… Why does it sound so familiar?


At that moment, my phone rang.


“Hello?” I said in English. “Oh, Cass, what? Where are you? No, I’m in a cab. I’ll head there as soon as I can.” I looked towards the handsome young man, but he looked kinda stunned.


“I’m sorry Cass, I got to go. I’ll see you soon.” I said before I hung up.


“You speak English?” he asked.


“Yes I do, I grew up in Canada, but I’m Chinese.”


“This just makes my life a whole lot easier.” he said sighing in relief and continued on in English.“Hi, I’m Aron from Nu’est. New Established Tempo Style. And you are?”


“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m Sylvia. I just moved here recently with my best friend Cassandra.”


“That was the girl talking on the phone, right?”


“Yea, she said that she got lost, again.” I said, facepalming. “To think that she’s been studying Korean for 5 years…”


“Hey, it’s fine. Korean is a hard language to learn. Is your friend Chinese as well?”


“No, she’s Canadian. She’s really pretty. She has these beautiful grey-blue eyes that I envy so much…And she recently bleached her hair this gorgeous light blond. She said that she was copying an idol’s hair colour? I forget who though....”


“She sounds beautiful.”


“She is… I’ve known her for many years, and we’ve always been there for each other through thick and thin.

She’s practically my sister.”


I saw the huge sign for Pledis Entertainment coming closer.


“Well, it was really nice to meet you, Aron” I said sticking my hand out.


“You know what? You seem like a genuinely nice person, so here, let’s exchange numbers. Maybe you and your friend can hang out with me and the boys later?”


“Uh, sure! I’m sure Cassie would love it!” I said with a smile on my face.


“Okay, well bye! I’ll talk to you later?”


“Yea, definitely.”





“Hey, Cass? Where are you? Ugh trying to stalk him again? Fine, fine, I know that he’s your first and only celeb crush…. Yea, yea, I get it. Yea, I’ll come get you.”

“Um, excuse me? Can you take me to the nearest subway station?” I said, switching back to Korean.




“Oh my god Cassandra, are you serious? You got lost again? It’s the third time in two days!”


“I’m sorry… I promise I’ll only leave the hotel when I’m with you” she responded with a wink.


“Ugh, I can never stay mad at you for long….” We boarded the subway.


“So, how was your day so far?” she asked as we sat down.


“It was interesting. I hopped into a cab with a stranger who turned out to be Aron from a band called Nu’est⇀”


“Wait what?!? Did you just say Nu’est?!?!??!?”


“Uh, yea, and he gave me his number. He said that he’d ask him and the boys to hang out with us… Do you wanna go?”


“Hell yea! You have no idea who Nu’est is do you? Look around you.”


I looked around me and my eyes got bigger. There were adverts for Nu’est everywhere.


“And Ren, a member of Nu’est is the guy I dyed and cut my hair for.”


“Oh, I thought I recognized Nu’est somewhere”


“Mhmm, the fact that you said that you claimed Minhyun? Did you forget that?”


“Oh! I remember! He was that tall brown haired guy, right?”


“Yea… I had a poster of them in our locker.”


“Right, I totally forgot about them!” You can’t blame me! I’ve been in England in the past 3 years. I didn’t have time for much, you know?


“Yea yea, I know. You’ve been too busy studying law…”


“Wait… you met Aron, right? And he gave you his number? Call him!”


“No I can’t! He’s probably really busy! He’ll call us later.”


“Ugh, fine… But in the mean time, we should go shopping. We didn’t come with much. Plus, we’re hanging out with Nu’est! We need cute clothes!”


“Good idea Cassie, spend all our money on stuff we don’t really need. We still need to find a place to stay! We can’t stay at a hotel the whole time we’re here!”


“But, but…” Cassie looked at me with the face that she makes whenever I say no. Oh god I hate her. Just kidding. I love her.


“Fine. But not to much.”


We got off three stops later, and here we are, in the biggest mall in all of Seoul. As much as I love to shop, I can’t help but feel pain because we’re spending our only resources on things we don’t need. We packed cute clothes, but apparently that’s not enough to impress Ren. Then again, Ren does have a great sense of fashion. Ugh, why did I agree to this…


“Sylvia! Does this look cute?” I looked up to see Cass in this gorgeous light pink strapless dress that hugs her curves perfectly and brings out her eyes.


“Wow, Cassie, looks great on you! How much is it?”


She looks at me with a sad look on her face “₩48519…”


I looked at her shocked. “Wait... “ I did the math in my head. “That’s about $50… You can get it.”


“Yes! Mhmm, oh yea, mhmm, oh yea.” she sang while doing the silly moves.


In the end, I picked out a dark blue strapless dress with a pair of nude pumps. Cassie got her pretty pink dress and a pair of white stilettos. Cass has always been afraid of walking in high heels because she’s afraid that she’d break her ankles.


We exited the mall and hopped on the subway back to the hotel. She fell asleep on the subway, and I had to wake her up. Oh, it’s a tough job to wake her up. When she finally woke, up just made it off the train. We walked into the hotel and I layed down on our bed.


You’re probably wondering why we’re in Korea. I should tell you guys. Okay, we were planning to come to Korea a really long time ago. Like high school long time ago. That was 4 years ago. Our parents, being overly protective, we couldn’t come during the summer before grad, and we had to go to University. We talked a lot about it. Finally, after the battle between our parents, we got the go ahead. You’re wondering ‘why are two university graduates asking their parents if they could travel?’ You see, Cassie has diabetes. Her parents are worried that we won’t be careful enough and she’ll get really sick and maybe die. We had to sign a contract (that I made) that we’d come back in one piece without any problems. That’s what happens when you got to law school. Anyways, her parents gave her $250,000 and she earned $100,000 while my parents have me $150,000 and because of my career choice, I earned $200,000. A grand total of $700,000. We’re also planning on getting jobs here in Korea so we could pay for rent and just living in general. Cassie is kinda expensive with her diabetes and all, but I’m willing to take the responsibility so that we could be happy and free. That’s the short version of it. You guys don’t need to know the gory details… Haha I’m just kidding. It wasn’t that bad.


Cassie just finished taking a shower and it’s my turn. The water was warm and that got rid of the tension in my shoulders. I realized that I was kinda stressed. It is only our second official day here, so it was kinda tough. As I stepped out of the shower, my phone rang.




“Hi, is Sylvia there? It’s Aron.”


“Oh, hi Aron, it’s Sylvia, How are you?”


“I’m good, and how are you?”


“Pretty good.”


“I was wondering if you and your friend wanted to meet up with me and the guys?”


“Oh, sure! When and where?”


“Um, how ‘bout downtown Seoul? Is that okay?”

“Uh, one sec.” I finished changing and asked Cassie to look up where downtown Seoul is. “Uh, Cass is looking up where it is.”


“Oh, right, when did you guys come here? I forgot to ask.”


“Haha, we just got here two nights ago.”


“Wow… I’m guessing that you guys haven’t had a tour of Seoul yet, right?”


“We were going to go to a company and ask.”


“You know what? Let us pick you guys up and take you guys on a tour!”


“Wow, that’s really nice of you, but it’s not necessary. I’m sure that you guys are really busy…”


“Oh, it’s no problem! Just accept it already!”


“Fine, but thanks again!”


“So. You live in the hotel where I bumped into you?”


“Haha, yea. You still owe me drycleaning… Just kidding.”


“Bring that jacket of yours and I’ll give it back to you at the end our tour.”


“I was just kidding! I’ll just wash it. It’s totally fine!”


“Okay, if you say so…”


“I have to go, I need to get ready! See you soon!”


“See you soon.”


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~ Sylvia

Song of the Chapter : Hello Hello (Nu’est)



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