Big Brother.

Hi Guys! :D I'm Jackie ! Read my book!(: I love writing about romances, mysteries, and sometimes they can be a bit sad. But I'm sure you guys will like them:)
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1. Going Home!

"Plane ticket?" 
The flight attendant asked. I politely gave her my ticket and entered the plane. 
My phone lit up and I read the text message
"CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU! HOLY SHIT 10 years already!:(" 
Yes, that's right I haven't seen my mom and brother for 10 years... My parents divorced when me and Michael where only 7 years old. But we kept in touched this whole time. We're fraternal twins by the way we look nothing alike... He's like 6 ft tall and I'm just 5'2 haha... Dad died about a year ago... Michael didn't take it so well so I decided to go back to Sydney Australia.
 I replied to his text message.
"Can't wait! Love you!" 


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