Big Brother.

Hi Guys! :D I'm Jackie ! Read my book!(: I love writing about romances, mysteries, and sometimes they can be a bit sad. But I'm sure you guys will like them:)
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9. Ch.9

"Bye Guys!" Michael yelled while getting in his car.
Calum closed the door and asked if I wanted breakfast. 
"Sure! Ill help you make it" I replied 
"Great! We'll make pancakes!" Calum said widening his eyes and sticking his tongue out.
"How cute calum" I said sarcastically.
I saw him blush a bit while he got out the ingredients.
"So long have you and Michael been friends?" I asked mixing the bowl of pancake batter, "hmm... Well I was friends with Luke for a while but Luke and Mikey never really liked each other. Until a year ago then we all became best friends...we formed a band but, we were missing something... So we called up Ashton and he became our drummer"
We talked about how singing has always been a big part of his life.
We also finished making the food leaving a huge mess.
"Think fast!" Calum yelled as he threw an egg at me. Luckily I caught  it... But he didnt,.. "Oh it's on!!" Calum said

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