Big Brother.

Hi Guys! :D I'm Jackie ! Read my book!(: I love writing about romances, mysteries, and sometimes they can be a bit sad. But I'm sure you guys will like them:)
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7. Ch.7

"Yeah ill help you set up your room, since it is next to mine" Calum said happily.
"Wait you live here?!?" I asked confusingly. "And so do I!" Yelled Luke, "ME 3!" Added Ashton.
"Haha you see we talked with our parents and they said it was ok if we all lived in 1 big house... all together, you know so it's easier to rehearse." Michael explained. "But the guys parents live In there own houses with the rest of the guys siblings" he added. "Why'd you think there's so many rooms?" Calum asked laughing.. 

I'm so excited for Jaycee to get along with the boys! Her style and everything just fits really well with ours... But there's one thing I'm not on bored with... Calum... The way they were starring at eachother... Idk maybe it's just me... But don't get me wrong Calum's my bestfriend he's an awesome guy but... My sister is off Limits.... We went upstairs and i introduced the guys properly.

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