Big Brother.

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6. Ch.6

As I was singing I couldn't keep my eyes off of her... She's just so beautiful.. And... And.. Shes My bestfriends sister?!?! Michael is a very protective guy! He would never let me near his sister that  way! 
We played a couple more songs until Michael called a water break. They all went upstairs to get water and I stayed with Jaycee.
"So calum.. How old are you?" She asked with that innocent voice...
"I'm 17 just like You." 
a...and Michael" I added quickly 

In my mind all I thought about was getting to know Calum! But there is no way Michael is going to let that happen! We talked for about 20 minutes, about music, style, and schooling. We have almost everything in common! 
"so Jaycee when are you coming to school?" Asked Luke as he walked into the practice room. "In 2 Days" "I wanted to wait a bit so I can get my stuff ready" I told them. "But Jaycee how are you going to stay home alone tomorrow? Mum won't be home for another weak, and ill be at school?" Michael said concerned about me. Calum then became part of the conversation saying "I'm not going to school tomorrow either" "why not?" Asked Ashton 
"Im Sick." Calum replied coughing a bit.
"That's Great! Calum can stay with you!"

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