Big Brother.

Hi Guys! :D I'm Jackie ! Read my book!(: I love writing about romances, mysteries, and sometimes they can be a bit sad. But I'm sure you guys will like them:)
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5. Ch.5

"Well? Lets see the famous 5SOS practice!" I said excitingly
"Well... I wouldn't say famous but, we're getting there" Ashton said with a wink getting his drums ready.
"Hey Luke" I whispered softly so Jaycee wouldn't hear me... "What up?" Said Luke.
"How old is Jaycee?"
"Ahh... Calum's crushing huh?" Luke said in a little girl voice.
"what?!?noo! I was just asking geez!" I replied trying to sound convincing... "yeah sure... And I don't really know I think she's 17?"  
"OK GUYS! We should start now!" Michael said sounding a bit irritated.
"1..2..3"  Ashton yelled hitting his drum sticks together... "Hello there, the angle from my nightmare..." They sang my favorite song by blink-182. I don't know if calum realized he was staring at me this whole time but it felt nice...

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