Big Brother.

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3. Ch.3

The ride home was an hour long. Time passed by so fast considering it was nonstop talking in the car. 
"Welcome Home!" Michael yelled in the car while we pulled into the driveway. I couldn't believe what my eyes were looking at... 
" 3 floors, 6 rooms, & 7 bathrooms"
Michael said while laughing at my expression (😳) "s..s..six rooms?!" I asked, "hahaha come on ill show you inside!" We walked inside and there were 2 other guys in there... "Michael were the hell where you?" The Curley haired guy asked,
"Yeah Michael? Rehearsal started half an hour ago!" The blonde one added. 
"Guys!! I told you rehearsal started an hour late! I had to pick up my sister from the airport!" 
I stood behind Michael not knowing what to do.
"Sister?" The cute blonde with the lip piercing asked... "Yeah here...Jaycee this is Luke" 
"Nice to meet you" Luke shook my hand with a big smile on his face.
"Ashton this is Jaycee" Michael said pointing to the drummer looking guy... "Jaycee" Ashton said "I like it".
"Thank you" I replied blushing a bit. 


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