Big Brother.

Hi Guys! :D I'm Jackie ! Read my book!(: I love writing about romances, mysteries, and sometimes they can be a bit sad. But I'm sure you guys will like them:)
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2. Ch.2

After hours on a plane, I finally arrived, home, were I belonged. 
I got off the plane and went to get my suitcases, so many people were pushing and shoving but I made my way through. 
I was looking for Michael but couldn't seem to find him anywhere? Did he forget about me? I doubt it! He sent me a text this morning?! Hmm... I kept walking not knowing where I was headed to.
My phone vibrated, which scared me a bit... 
I read the text from Michael and I swear i felt 1 million butterflies in my stomach! I turned around and found a tall, bright red headed, punk in front of me!
I jumped in excitement and ran towards him, "shit! I was expecting my little sister but I didn't think you'd be this small!" He said while laughing, "I'm not small! Your just a giant!" We laughed and talked the whole ride home.
"So how was Chicago?!" He asked sounding so interested in what I had to say,
"It Was so great! Such a beautiful city!"
"Meet anyone famous?!"
He added to his question, 
"Only a couple!"
"Who?!?" He sounded so desperate to know, 
"Blink-182, GreenDay, All Time Low, and a lot more bands!"
He said almost choking on his own words.


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