He'll come home (Nezumi X Sion)

When I needed him most, he was always there. I got shot, and died, but Safu sang to me and I somehow was revived, as well as both Nezumi's and my injuries healed. After we left the now rubble facility, he kissed me. "You'll be fine," he said. "I'll be back soon." But that was three years ago. He's still not back, and I'm going through depression. I've moved into the old house that he stayed in, to keep his memory. But I don't know how long I can live without him. It's too much pain and sorrow


3. Nezumi returns (Nezumi's POV)

Hi guys! These next chapters will have smut, kissing, and fangirlable moments, but PLEASE don't flag or spam, because I don't want all my hard work to go to waste, do you? Anyways, even I'm excited about this chapter because I was thinking for day about how I would go about this. So, please enjoy and leave a like, comment, vote, whatever!




So I've returned. I'm pretty excited to see Sion again. I have so much to tell him. 

I walk back to my apartment to check some stuff out, but take the key out of my pocket to realize that it's already unlocked. I knock on the door, and I hear loud and fast footsteps inside the apartment.

The door opens slowly, and I see the familiar reddish brown of Sion's eyes.

"Nezumi!" he yells, throwing the door open and hugging me tightly.

I hug back and say, "Well hi. How are you Sion?"

"Nezumi, I missed you so much I... I didn't know how long I could go on without you!" He yells, back up a bit, and standing on his toes to kiss me. But this kiss is different from the others. It's deeper, and more passionate, but there isn't any tongue action.

I break the kiss, and sorta-whispering I say, "This one was more passionate and serious. Why?"

"Because I missed you so much that I can't help myself," he responds with his beautiful reddish brown eyes.

"I missed you too, Sion," I say, deciding to kiss him passionately in return for his kiss to me.

He kisses back, and I lick his lower lip for entrance, His mouth opens, just a small bit, and I push my tongue into his mouth. His eyes pop open, and I continue with my tongue. "Just follow my lead," I say into his mouth.

"OK," he responds. I move my tongue around his mouth, feeling the inside of his mouth for the first time ever. He follow my lead, pushing his tongue into my mouth, and circling my tongue. I do the same, swirling his and my tongue round and round. I finally break the kiss, and gasp for air.

"Oh fuck," I say, noticing the 'rock' in my pants.

"What is it, Nezumi?"

"Well, my dear Sion," I say in a Sherlock Holmes accent, "It seems as if you have become a criminal. You are hereby under arrest for the crime of turning Nezumi on."

"Wait, what's that mean?" he asks.

I roll my eyes, "That means, I want to have sex with you," I say seductively. "Right now."

Sorry guys for leaving off here, but I need to finish my 'yaoi studies' for the upcoming 'yaoi quiz' (the next chapter), which is very unfortunate. But I love NezumiXSion, and I hope you'll be anticipating for the next chapter. Well, hoped you enjoyed and I DO NOT OWN No. 6, BUT I WISH I DID.

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