The beginning of junior year, the second to last year of high school. This should be fun.


6. chapter 5


So what do you want to do?" I asked, I had never ditched school before.

"What have you been meaning to do?" He leaned back on the island, his biceps flexing. I didn't really have anything to do, so I shrugged my shoulders.

"Cmon, we gotta find something to do!" He exclaimed, smiling again.

"We should just go to the beach or something." I suggested,not really thinking he'd agree.

"Ok,sure lets go. Ill go get my bathing suit, and we can swing by your house to get you a clean bathing suit." He ran upstairs to get his things and I scrolled through my phone. I hadn't talked to any of my friends since I'd been with Calum. I had a group chat with Sarah, Hannah and Jessica and texted them hey. Calum came downstairs and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards his car, making me laugh. We went to my house, I grabbed my suit and we left. We arrived at the beach and we held hands as we walked towards the changing rooms. I had just put on my strapless top when Calum barged in.

"Hey." He said smiling.

"Uh hi. Um, I'm trying to change, could you maybe come back in a few minutes...?" I asked, pulling my shorts back up again.

"Why? I am your boyfriend now, I've seen you in a bra and panties. It's no big deal, babe. You can trust me." His eyes seemed devilish, but genuine. He put his calloused hands on my hips pulling me close.

"You seem excited there, Calum..." I said, feeling a bulge grow in his thin swim trunks.

"What can I say, my girlfriend is fucking hot." He smirked, gently pulling down on my belt loops.

"I think I might be able to help you..." I said, trying to sound sexy. Calum pushed me against the opposite wall, kissing me harshly.

"Fuck." He grabbed my shorts and quickly yanked them down my legs. I still had my underwear on, but he fingered the thin materials between his fingers before he muttered, "these have to go..." He pulled them down, leaving me in only my bikini top. He began kissing me once again, pinning my arms above my head with one of his hands. He ran his free hand up and down the inside of my thighs, and he bit his lip. He slipped one finger inside me and quickly started pumping. I bucked my hips forwards, my breathing becoming ragged.

"You're an eager girl, huh?" He whispered in my ear, biting my earlobe and kissing my neck. He continued to move his fingers deeper and deeper until I reached my high and became putty in his large hands. He slipped his fingers out and licked them seductively. I started to undo the ties on his trunks, and I was about to get on my knees when he stopped me.

"This is about you." He said sternly and I secretly was happy since I hated blowjobs and didn't think I was sexy while giving them. He pulled down his pants and his dick sprung up and hit his toned abs.

"Jump." He commanded. I hooked my legs around his waist and he slid his length inside of me. Before I could adjust to his size, he began thrusting into me, at first going very fast and then slowing it down.

I squeezed my eyes shut and bit my lip to keep quiet.

"Say my name, I want to hear you say it." He said going painstakingly slow.

"Calum..." I said quietly.

"I want to hear you scream it." He said, nearly stopping completely.

Of course my asshole of a self decided to make a snide comment.

"It's hard to scream your name when you're not even doing anything." His jaw locked and he answered curtly.

"Fine." He began going with renewed intensity and I nearly blacked out.

"Calum, I'm close." I said breathily.

"Not until you say my name." He kept going and I did eventually scream his name. We came at the same time, both of us screaming expletives. When we finally had rode out our highs and gotten redressed, Calum began to worry since we hadn't used protection

"Oh my god. I didn't put on a condom." He grabbed his hair pulling on it.

"Babe, don't worry I'm on the pill." I said kissing him. He let out his breath and hugged me. We decided that the beach was too exhausting, so we got ice cream instead.

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