Weekends creepypastas

A read that I weave along to your pick ask for a story of the creepypasta or ask for a story of mine that I can make about one. You might be in for a suprise


7. Smille dog

  One monday morning a boy name Jonathan or his nickname Jono got a picture sent to him.It was a pic of a dog smiling and said send to someone with in five days but Jono though its a stupid sent to people joke so he didn't sent it to anyone.Jono told his friends about it and they said in unison"Sent it to someone quick Jono" but Jono though they were playing the trick on him.The next morning Jono looked at the pic of the dog the background looked a bit red and the dog had bits of skin withered away but when he went to school a dog looked at him all day.

  On wednesday the background was reder and the skin withered away more and the dog was closer he looked like he was smiling. As the day went on Jono saw the skin around the dog mouth was missing and at home he called the dog pound to get the dog and someone went to get the dog.Thursday the dog pic changed more the skin around the mouth gone and background blood red."And in other news a man name bill sent to get a dog was found dead in the woods"said bob on fox news and Jono though It was all a joke or something.

  Friday morning Jono looked at the pic and it background almost completely bloody and skin on the dog face was all gone.As he went to school the dog that watch him had no skin on it face and chase Jono to school his friends said in unison "You should have listen".All day the dog watched and waited for Jono to leave the school went Jono left he  ran like wind to his house to grab his phone but the dog broke in and Jono ran again into the woods to hide and send the pic to someone.Jono tripped and hit a tree he pulled out his phone then yelled in pain because smile dog eat his left leg whole it was going to eat his right next but Jonathan send the pic to someone else.Jono woke up in a bed but it was a hospital bed he lost a lot of blood and now had a fake left leg.

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