Weekends creepypastas

A read that I weave along to your pick ask for a story of the creepypasta or ask for a story of mine that I can make about one. You might be in for a suprise


5. Slenderman

  A kid name Zach was dare to go into a fence off woods and had to collect 8 pages.So Zach broke the lock on the fence and saw the white face and black suit man named Slenderman.Zach ran to collect the pages and get out but he left without locking the gate back up so slendy was free.Zach ran back to his friends who dared him to get the pages and ask if locking the gate back up was a big deal.

  So slendy was free and was on a killing spree slendy was not going to stop until he got back his pages.Zach know what he had to do but he was scared of slenderman.So Zach thought he could put it off for a while but when Zach saw Kaleb.A. his best friend impaled on a tree branch.So that night Zach gathered the pages and put them in his backpack to set out to stop slendy once and for all.

  When Zach arrived at the gate he lock it behind him because he know he wasn't getting out alive.Zach walked around until he saw slenderman then zach ran to the other side of the wood.Zach know he couldn't escape so he tossed his bag at slendy and slendy ripped it apart.Slenderman impaled be slendy and as Zach last words are Slendy is not killable but can be stopped.

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