Weekends creepypastas

A read that I weave along to your pick ask for a story of the creepypasta or ask for a story of mine that I can make about one. You might be in for a suprise


4. Laughing Jack

  Jerron was a lonely fat kid not loved but abused by his parent's and got nothing for christmas accept for one he found a black and white box that has the words laughing jack-in-a-box.Jerron played the box once when the box opened nothing popped out he thought it was broke so he tossed it out.He didn't know about laughing jack so Jack was going to torture Jerron to death.

  Jack tamper with the lock on Jerron's house and sneaked into Jerron's room.Jack turned the room into a torture room and gathered tool to torture Jerron.So in the middle of the night Jack tortured Jerron parents to death to warm up for the main show Jerron.In the morning Jerron awoke on wood planks and before he could move 4 three inch were slammed into his hands and feets Jerron screamed out in pain but the sight of Jack scared Jerron more.Jack cut Jerron's tongue to stop the screaming and used fishing hooks to keep his eyes open.

  Jack cut Jerron open chest ,Jack inflated his intestine to make a balloon giraffe.To keep him alive Jack stab Jerron in the eye with a addrenarol shot and ripped his right eye out of his head.After he filled his stomach up with cockroaches Jack ripped Jerron's heart out.Before laughing jack left the night after christmas between two poles with Jerron's and his family intestine spelled out Jack will be back next Christmas forever.

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