Weekends creepypastas

A read that I weave along to your pick ask for a story of the creepypasta or ask for a story of mine that I can make about one. You might be in for a suprise


2. Jeff the killer

   Three boys made fun of Jeff the killer the three boys names are Devon,Noah.B.,and Dillon.They said he couldn't kill them if he tried.One night the three boys went into the woods to camp but in the middle of the night Devon woke up to the rustling of the bush and woke up Noah and Dillon they got out of their tent to check it out and what they saw was complete horror.It was Jeff the killer Devon said "Your a myth you aren't real" but Devon,Noah,and Dillon were scared."Go to sleep" is all Jeff said and charged at Devon but he jumped out of the way.Noah and Dillon ran away but Devon pulled out his knife to attack Jeff but he was to quick and stabbed Devon in his back.Devon was now on the ground with Jeff standing over him and the words go to sleep echoed the woods with a scream of bloody pain.And a boy named Devon was found dead in the woods with the words you're next to go to sleep,he was stabbed in the back and had his throat slit we here at fox news are deeply sorry for the family loss.

  Noah and Dillon knew they were doom to die to Jeff so Dillon said "We aren't doom to die we will prove that Jeff can't kill us and we will kill him" but they knew inside it was a lie.For a week they were on edge until friday Noah went over to Dillon's house because they thought Jeff get up so they had a movie night with pizza they would have at Devon's place but not any more and Noah can't have it because he doesn't have a lot of money.They watch Fast and furious 5 went they heard a knocking at  the door Noah thought it was the pizza man so he said "I got it" but when he opened the door a knife went through his neck and Noah dropped with a fountain of blood from his neck and Dillon saw Jeff went Noah dropped dead.Dillon ran to the kitchen and grabbed a chef's knife and ran to the attic to hide when Jeff got to the attic he looked for Dillon for a few minutes.Dillon was hanging on to a beam for dear life when Jeff went by Dillon dropped down and stabbed him 7 times in the back and Jeff fell to the floor.

  Dillon knew he won so the next day was normal well almost he lost his best friends at night he brushed his teeth and went to bed.Before he went into a deep sleep he heard the words "go to sleep"in a whisper he turn and see Jeff the killer before he was stabbed in the throat and bleed out

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