Weekends creepypastas

A read that I weave along to your pick ask for a story of the creepypasta or ask for a story of mine that I can make about one. You might be in for a suprise


8. I'm dreaming of a bloody christmas

 It was Christmas eve and all through the house it was silent and a little girl walked into the living room to see a big fat man putting a box dripping some kind of liquid.She ask"Are you Santa" the man chuckled and said"No I'm Krampus and I'm going to kill you for being naughty" the little girl screamed for her ma and pa.When her ma and pa got in the living room they saw their daughter head ripped off and her pa charge Krampus while her ma called the police but when the police arrive they found the living room as a bloody mess.When they open the boxes they found parts of other family in the boxes so they were on the hunt for a mass murderer so out the officers went to the police station to get the word out.

 When the offices return to the station they saw a big fat man covered in blood and holding a bloody ax looked over to the officers then said"So you're looking for me Krampus aren't you" all the offices pulled out their gun but instead of saying put your weapon down they just fired their guns.Krampus moved passed all the bullets and chopped head after head until no cop was left standing so the city was now unprotected so Krampus can kill all who he thought was bad which was everyone.Krampus went from house to house killing the bad kid and their bad family members to make share the evil  doesn't spread.

 As Krampus killed family after family Krampus went into the countryside and felt a great evil in a house that Krampus feared so the hunt for the source of the evil in the house.Krampus felt the evil pulse from a kid bed room of a kid name Kaleb and creep up to the boy Krampus put a knife close to his throat  but Kaleb rolled over then said"Hello and goodbye" then a loud boom from a shotgun killing Krampus.When Kaleb closed his eyes he head "I kill to live now I live in your soul" and when he open his eyes to see nothing not even Krampus so was Krampus truly died.

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