They were real. The Fairy's that I once believed in when I was just a few years old. Their puffy hair, petite bodies, and wings like the Angels High above. All real.


1. Prologue

This is a story about a girl named Penelope Butler.

Penelope lived on the outskirts of Ireland and was 16 years of age.

Penelope was beautiful. She had wild hair the color of cherries and eyes that could be mistaken as the ocean.

Now this is not your normal fairy tale. Non of that dragons and princesses being saved by princes nonsense. No. This story is about how Penelope used her imagination to fulfill her every wish.

Let's go...

Shall we?

We'll start from when Penelope was 5. The days where magic was the answer to everyone's problems.

"Penelope!" Margdi yelled.

Margdi was Penelope's mother. She loved Penelope with her whole heart, same for the young girl.

"Coming Mam!" Penelope yelled back.

"oy hurry babby we haven't gotten forever" Magdi yelled out to the young girl.

Penelope ran into the small bed room and sat on the bed.

"Story time?" Penelope asked.

Magdi nodded her head and pulled her daughter farther on the bed. Then she began to read...

"A long time ago, there was a young Fairy by the name of nobility. Nobility was not your normal fairy...

Magdi read on and on until Penelope was asleep.

She tucked in the small 5 year old and headed for her bedroom.

She let out two heavy coughs and sighed.

She had been sick for quite some time but she never wanted to frighten Penelope, She was all Penelope had left.

The next day Magdi woke Penelope and they both left their home to do some shopping and flower picking.

"Mam? I had a dream that I saw a handsome feen. He had the prettiest Bird with him. Her hair was like mine but blue. I asked if they were together and he said that she was just a sham. She was gorgeous mam! He let her go" Penelope groaned.

Magdi chuckled and ruffled Penelope's hair.

"Maybe they be together later?" Magdi replied.

"Maybe. What if there were fairy's here right now? That'd be amazing" Penelope said.

Magdi scooped her up into her arms and kissed her head.

"It's would be, now wouldn't it love?" She asked.

Penelope shooke her head and Magdi sat her back to the ground.

"Let's continue flower picking? Yeah?" Magdi asked.

"Yeah" replied Penelope.


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