The lemonade stand

Phil is a kid who is trying to earn a quick buck using a lemonade stand, but is a lemonade stand going to be as awesome as he thinks?


3. Will this guy leave me alone?

When we left off, Phil was drug into a dump by the crazy LEMONZ guy. " GIVE ME YOUR LEMONZ!!!!" said the guy. NO said Phil. Then Phil escaped and left no trace of himself. Oh no! i forgot my supplies in the dump. says Phil. He went past the dumpster to avoid that guy, and the shopkeeper said werent you just here? Yes, but the guy in the dump outside stole it! The shopkeeper gasped. That guy is known as Lemon Head. He has escaped from jail 100s of times, and he always steals lemons! I will call 911 and... Just then Lemon Head burst in. GIVE ME YOUR LEMONZ....

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