The lemonade stand

Phil is a kid who is trying to earn a quick buck using a lemonade stand, but is a lemonade stand going to be as awesome as he thinks?


6. The pepper spray

The cops actually put THEIR hands in the air. That did not seem to matter to lemon head, and he sprayed them in the eyes! The cops groaned and screamed in pain, and lemon head laughed so hard that he dropped the pepper spray and it landed on the pavement, and it got the recovering cops AGAIN! They went down instantly. Fortunatly, the shopkeeper was taking a walk and when he saw Lemon head, he ran back to his house, and got a frying pan. He smacked lemon head upside, well his head. When he woke up, Phil, his dad and the shopkeeper had him tied him up. LET ME GO!!!!! shouted lemon head. Not until you tell me who you are and why you are chasing me says Phil. YOU CANT MAKE ME TALK!!!! Then the cop pulled out a gun and held it up to his head. Does this help you decide? asks the cop. Okay, okay. My name is...

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