The lemonade stand

Phil is a kid who is trying to earn a quick buck using a lemonade stand, but is a lemonade stand going to be as awesome as he thinks?


4. (Lemon related) Ambush!

Lemon Head burst through the door and said LEMONZ!!!!!!! Jeez Balloon head! Lighten up! said the shopkeeper. He tried to attack the shopkeeper, but he evaded lemon head and called 911. I will get you back for this!!! said lemon head. Well ive certainly seen enough! said the shopkeeper. Here, Phil take some new supplies, free of charge. Gee, thanks! Said Phil. So Phil finally left to go home. Geez, no more LEMONZ!!!! he said imitating lemon head. At home, he set up his stand and mixed his lemonade. Im now open for business! said Phil. Then he saw a police car chasing after an odd, familier person, almost as if he escaped from jail...

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