The lemonade stand

Phil is a kid who is trying to earn a quick buck using a lemonade stand, but is a lemonade stand going to be as awesome as he thinks?


7. Lemon Head's real name

My name is... Don. Don Davies.said lemon head, okay said Phil, but why were you chasing me and yelling LEMONZ? Well son says Don, i guess it is high time i tell you why i am obsessed with lemons. My father was a crazy lab scientist. he used to do all sorts of experiments, and he had given me a pair of hypnotic goggles and he said to use them on him and see the end result was. The goggles fell to the floor, and they worked on ME! Ever since then, ive been obsessed with lemons! Okay sir, your free to go. says the officer. HAHAHA FOOLS!!!! THATS NOT TRUE! I WAS USING YOU! then he fled out the window. Phil picked up his license. Peter King is his real name. Huh? it sounds like somebody is destroying my stand...

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