The lemonade stand

Phil is a kid who is trying to earn a quick buck using a lemonade stand, but is a lemonade stand going to be as awesome as he thinks?


9. Here we go again...

When Phil and his dad woke up, Peter had thrown them into the back room of the grocery store. Phil shouted HELP!!!! his dad checked his phone, and said 4:30 AM. Nobody is here, so we are stuck here for the night. So Phil fell asleep, and when he woke up, the shopkeeper was untieng them. THANK YOU!!!! Yelled both of them. Your welcome. Right then, Peter burst into the room, and the shopkeeper was secretly calling 911. The police came and said this time we are taking you to a maximum security prison. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! wailed Peter. YOU HAVENT SEEN THE LAST OF ME!!!!!!!! he shouted as the police drug him out of the room. FINALLY, Phil can get to his lemonade stand. So Phil and his dad left the store and went back home. He opened his stand, and made more lemonade. After a while, a crowd of thirsty construction workers came from the streets...

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