Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


10. Chapter 9: Homecoming

It was the night of the homecoming and sure i was happy to go with Ja’von and all but it didn't feel right at all. We all rented a limo to arrive in style which was alright.


Ja’von and I took some pictures together and some others standing by the trees in the park. Maria and Josh took pictures and after they took pictures Josh picked me up bridal style and I was laughing as he made a funny face and Gabi snapped a photo of us.


“Let’s get to dance” Darian yelled taking Gabi’s hand and getting in the limo busting out to some songs. We got to the school getting out in style and some person snapped a pic of us all walking in hitting the dance floor i was dancing in heels the most hardest thing ever. Ja’von was behind me making my arms wiggle around and he got in the groove.


Song after song it was a blast than it was a slow song i’d already danced with mah date so yeah. Josh walked up to me putting his hand out twirling me around. Josh was still a good dancer with me.


“You know your still a good dancer Josh!”


“I try my best to impress ya! Maria seems like a great girl cant wait for the kid to come!” Josh let out a chuckle puling me closer


“Totally can’t wait to meet the little kidio ha..ha… Josh i love you don't mess up anything!” I spoke looking at josh giving him a kiss on the cheek and letting go smiling  Josh’s hand as the song ended


“Love you too Jazmin!”

After that things went great everybody took some more photos before the dance was over. I didn't want to stay for the party at Josie’s house so i just went straight home giving everybody hugs and stuff before heading inside.


They drove off and i heading inside saying hello to everybody in my house. Danika was asleep in my room. She was wearing my sweater and her hot pink tights snuggled up in my blankets. I took my heels off throwing them in my closet not bothering to take off blue dress. Danika knew i was back from homecoming.


“Auntie your back” She rubbed her eyes while stretching her legs and arms, I smiled at her getting in the bed hugging her


“Yes, am back baby girl now lets get some sleep!”


“Can i ask you something?” I nodded waiting for her to ask her question


“Does Joshie love you like you do” Crap this little girl knows alot more than i do if she thinks he loves me like i do wait how does she know i love Josh???????


I just layed there trying to answer that question she just asked me but once i was about to answer Danika was already asleep snuggled up to me.


“I wish he did baby girl”



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