Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


9. Chapter 8: Wait.... what did you do

Homecoming was around the corner here at school and man everybody by everybody even the weirdo kids were getting dates. What has happened over the summer did they some what get attactive all of the sudden. Gabi was going with Darian. leaving me behind in the dust talk about worst friend award presented to Gabi Thomas!


“I seriouly have no date to Homecoming even those weird kids got dates me ugh that’ll be a miracle” I slammed my head on lunch table with Gabi and Josh along with some others.


“Don't worry it about it Jordan got rejected by that freshman haha” Ja’von said laughing his ass off then putting his arm around me “Go with Jordan or Darian they aint got no date tho!’ He was still laughing


Then in the corner of my eye Jordan come to the table looking pissed as hell. He dropped his stuff down leaning in his chair.


“Don't be a bitch over this Thalia chick she was just a youngie not anything worth your time man”


“Maybe i can man she was really cool! oh well i guess not worth my time Gabi going with Darian, So forth wait Ja’von you aint got no date!?!”


Ja’von looked around me looking Jordan dead in the eyes about to kill him “For your information Jordan I'm going with Sydney right isn't that right”


“Who said i was going with you man! im gonna stay home and watch netfilx the whole time” I jokily said to him


Ja’von laughed at my joke and i told him i’d go with him but i’d go with dance with some others just not him. He was fine with it totally well looks like i got a date to homecoming. Him and I stood up taking a pitcure together.


@Sydney Kane_: Going with this stud to homecoming @Ja’von_B #finallygotdate





Josh was clapping for me and Ja’von we have been strictly friends since forever this one night isn’t gonna change that like that. Ja’von walked me to class. Such a gentle man lol!!


Once i got to my class everything was cool after that was actally cool my brother was about to come get from school. Who knows when he’ll come and get me on time last time i was here for the longest time. I watched Josh get in his car with Maria they seemed perfect for each other.


I let out a sigh looking down at my white converses and messing with my baclets trying not to cry for the millionth time for this boy that has a baby on the way. Andre pulled up in the circle waving at me while blasting music.


I got in the car letting the wind blew in my face and Andre listening to some rap music and waving to the girls who waved at him what a totally flirt. Those get me on a roll it was really funny when they tried to flirt with my brother.


His daughter Danika was in the back jamming out with him and I smiled at her “Hey Baby girl missed ya!”


“Missed you too Auntie! wanna play princess when we get back?” Danika was 5 years old and how i loved her so much. I ruffled her curly hair and getting back to the text i was getting from Gabi.


Danika and me went into my room playing some music


“Why isn't Josh here with you i thought he was your prince?”


Yeah thats what i thought everytime he come over when Danika was over and we played this with Josh being my prince charming


“No he had to attend some other things! another princesses come into the picture.”


“Woah wait he did what to you? no he cant do that to my auntie where is this jerk head?’


Danika made me laugh so much but this was different he wasn’t coming back so im sorry girlie! haha


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