Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


8. Chapter 7: Miss moving on

It's been a weekend of Josh crying on my shoulder and being at my house. Also a lot of chick flicks picked by Josh himself i wasn't too big with chick flicks they make me get a reality check and they say. Your never gonna have this life so i’ll make you feel more miserable about your love life.


Josh snuggled up in my blankets with tissues crying through all the movie like notebook and safe heaven and other crappy chick flicks. He was a wreck man it was quiet sad from what i was observation from this all.


Sometimes i get a phone call from Gabi or Darian maybe even Jordan non of them knew what was happening with Josh and Maria. Finally Gabi come over with Darian who brought Jordan.


“Josh my main man what's up you haven't talk to us in ages!” Darian over joyed says


“Stop being over dramatic it's been literally 3 days” Jordan said 


“Yeah Darian get it together Josh isn't too good at this very moment” Gabi says hitting Darian in the back of the head


Josh was having a blast with everybody he was really laughing. Gabi and me went on music choice on my television since my mom got Cox clicking on Nick Jones ‘Jealous’.


We stood in the front of the TV singing to the song and dancing like weirdo’s it was one of those shake your hip song for Gabs and I. Josh was laughing getting a video of us both. the two other were impressed totally while video tapping too and Darian got up salsa dancing with me and Jordan did the same with Gabi.


Turns out music brings people together! Ordered some pizzas and pranked called some people. It was a little after 6 on a Saturday and Josh hasn't talk to Maria yet she hasn't been answering his calls.


Josh was asleep so why not talk some sense into this girl for one and get this show on the road. My mom has been doing some secret things for me idk why? But i grabbed Josh’s truck keys driving to this girls house.


After several attempts to try and knock on the door I just sat in the car trying to decided what to say to this girl. I slip out of the car knocking on the door waiting for 3 minutes until her mom got the door for me.


“Hello Sydney are you here to see Maria?” nodding stepping into house, Ms.Kelli took me up to Maria room that was all the way up stairs this girl gotta have some strong legs or something dangggggg!........


I slowly opened the door seeing Maria laying on her bed in a ball.


“Your mom let me up if that's okay. It's Sydney by the way just wanted to talk about somethings. Okay first thing why haven't you talk Josh he is crying all the time waiting for you to call him or text at least. Now tell me why?”


“I'm scared to talk to him okay…. somethings happen”


I took a seat next to her giving her a hug letting a couple of tears fall from my eyes my chances with Josh were limited now. I shouldn't be crushing on Josh so hard his not the one any more I'm done with him. You’ll have to call me miss moving on i guess now. Good bye Josh….hello new guy…..This is going to be the hardest thing I've ever done in my life besides getting that nose ring.


Maria and me talked some more trying to have a normal Saturday night until i looked down at my phone. Saying goodbye to maria and hopping into Josh’s car plugging my phone up to the aux cord to Distance by Jack and Jack.


Once i got into my neighborhood pulling into my house putting the car in park. Josh was in there probably thinking why was i gone so long with his car. Nope he was sitting on my bed eating some chocolate and watching grease. I just smiled to myself sitting next to me grabbing some popcorn singing to the songs with him. Josh was such a dork he was playing star wars on my play station 3 that my mom gave to me for Christmas.


“No am gonna die Sydney please help me win this level?’ I grabbed the controller taking the lightstaber out fighting with the sith lord. Dodging attack after attack finally defeating the guy.


“That’s how it’s done son bam what!?!”


“Shut up Syd i could of done better than you!”


“Is somebody a baby boy? awe someone is jelly of my awesome powers!”


We got in a huge pushing fight leaving Josh on the floor haha not in my house! no no not today!!!!!!



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