Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


7. Chapter 6: Im so sorry

Sydney p.o.v


Josh was going to pick me up for school for the next couple of days with Maria in the car annoying the crap out of me. Sometimes i wish it was birthday already so i can get my car.


“Jordan carry my back pack for me man!” I said to my other friend from my toddlers days


“Yeah hand it to me Sydney” We walked going to class there was this girl with her hair down with curly short hair she was mixed and wore pink pants she looked really pretty. Jordan smiled and waved at her and she did the same always he was walking smiling “I really like her Sydney her name is Thalia but the thing is she is a freshman I'm a senior”.


“Man who cares well maybe the law tho but homecoming is coming up ask her!” I told Jordan making him think for a minute then patting my back and jogging towards her.


Oh how cute looks like everybody is getting in relationships and I'm just getting more food! After Jordan left me i headed to my 6th hour my last hour of day somebody stopped me but scooping me from the floor. My brother was in the school why was he in the school.


“Andre Jerome Kane what are you doing here? your 23 man get out your going get caught from Mr.Lee” I spat out pulling him over to side.


“Yo don't be trippin' damn! Mom made me turn in some paperwork but when i saw you i come to say hi. So hello Jazzy” Andre laughed giving me a hug just before heading off to the front doors.


“Bye Andre see you after school! don't forgot to pick me up again!” I yelled to him getting his attention. just before he left me and, I was walking to class but i was already late and the teacher was giving me a lecture about being late.


“Okay Mr.Owen don't be telling about how to not be late i don't need your crap” I spoke turning around bout to walk out


“Go to the iss room”


“Fine with me give me the fricking pass i’ll be glad to leave this shitty classroom”


Then he handed me the pass and got on with class as i walked out of the class heading to the iss room stomping my white converse around the school really pissed at myself.


Once i got in the teacher in there just told me to take a seat and do something to just kill the time. The school gave us these laptop thingy chrome books to do work on please i be texting on that thing or watching movies. Josh texted me about this party next weekend.


Joshie <3:

Sydney there is party next weekend at Sam’s house lets go together it's gonna be epic!



Um i dunno know my brother might try and come with me making me drive him back home after getting to drunk for god sake last time was embarrassing…….. But let me think


Joshie <3:

Oh yeah lol! that party was something your brother jumped in pool from the balcony….



Don't remind me he got me grounded for a week…… listen i’ll be in iss for another 20 mins Mr.Owen gave me a lecture for being late!! XD


My mom was doing some weird stuff trying get my little brother to pipe down from his suger high. I walked up to my brother swinging him over my shoulders running through the front yard, spinning him around until Josh’s truck pulled up quickly.


David and me looked at his car for the longest time until he come out with tears all down his cheeks. David stood behind me clenching onto my leg then Josh slammed his car door. I told David to head inside for a little bit and he ran up to josh giving him a hug and going inside.


“Josh what's-------” He started to cry on my shoulder, i patted his back trying to calm him down by the time Josh stopped my green shirt had a big wet spot.


“Maria is pregnant……


What can i do to help you i don't know how he is feeling. Those things I've never knew about my mom had me and my brother Dre in her teens.


“I'm so sorry” was all i could say to Josh



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