Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


29. Chapter 26: That 1 text

“Mah bestie are coming over dude! Have you talked to Darian this week? Can’t get through to him” Vance shrugged his shoulder taking out his phone clicking on the message thing.

“From Darian Burse at 10:30 pm yesterday ‘I’m gonna be visiting my dad this weekend i need this Gabbi cheated on me….. don’t tell nobody’ So yeah i’d be pissed if my girlfriend cheated me on with Nick Shaffer the most douche bag of school”

Gabbi would never do anything like that to Darian but I could be mistaken. 

“imma kill Gabbi for doing this to Darian his done all he could to make her happy and this happens”

*Door Bell*

“COMING!” We both yell running down the stairs to the door. Josh, Jordan gave each other the bruh faces before stepping in hugging the crap outta me.

*At 12: 30*
To Duh Darian:
I know about Gabbi….Vance told me don’t get mad at all okay i am your best friend could of at least told me okay love you very much xxxx text back if you have time. 

*Read 1: 30 p.m.*

From: Duh Darian:
Yeah… i'm not mad at Vance just feel nothing matter anymore i gave her all of me and I get this a big slap to the face from a girl who’s been cheating on me for 2 fucking months this is bull shit my mom was right about Gabbi. She and I are over for real this time no holding back don’t feel sorry it’s all good.

Ugh. Gabbi has no right to cheat on such a sweet guy like Darian.

*Saturday night*

Sitting in burger king with Jordan, Josh and Vance. Benny went back home and Andre got in some deep shit he moved out thank god.

Sharing a large fries with Josh then dipping one in my chocolate ice cream just because I've seen him do it 24/7.

Then out of the blue we see Gabbi walk in with Nick ugh this cheater is making is obvious. She waved at us coming over to us all, I rolled my eyes waving back to them.

“Hey guys! Have you guys seen Darian?”

“Nope sorry Gabbi….his in Kansas City visiting family if you didn't know that” I say rudely standing up 

“What your problem?”

“Like you don’t know Gabbi little miss cheater….Darian gave his all to you and you cheat on him.”

She stood there speechless ha bet she didn't see that coming.

“Let’s go guys i'm full”

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