Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


28. Chapter 25


Stroming out pushing Andre a little really fucking pissed “What the fuck Andre? You know Benny is here and you’re supposed to watching our little brother not having a house party. You know mom is going to kill your ass doing stuff like this”

“Don’t push me Sydney your not my mom nor my real sister so shut the fuck up okay!” tears started to flow our my eyes

“Your-r a-a ja-ack a-s-sss” I stutterer out running out the house falling into two strong arms that belonged to none other than Vance the most popular kid at school who goes out to parties and drugs you get the picture. I dated him once as a junior in school, his in the same grade as me. clinging on him tightly crying into his chest, he rubbed circle on my back.

Looking up at him then letting go “Why are you here Vance?”

“To come get you Sydney….when i heard about this party at your house I knew you’d be freaking out. I dated you for a year so of course remember”

I remember all those times being with him at his house playing call of duty, cooking up some ass kickin’ food with his mom. He was a truly a good around person which was good for him. He used to come over and pick me up just to play basketball.

“Your the best Vance! Can i stay at your place for awhile till things die down Benny is asleep could you come up there with me?” Vance nodded


Sleeping on the floor of Vance’s floor in the living room cuddled up with Benny watching some late night shows. Boondocks come on and I stayed up til 3 in the morning just watching it with Vance. His parents were fine with us here haha, I had my stuff up in his room. Andre made all the people go home after I punched him square in the face.

As the last episode come on my eyes started to fall down letting sleep take over me it’s been a long day.

Waking up with Benny sitting in front of the T.V. seeing power rangers on nickelodeon. Yawning leaning out to him ruffling his dark brown hair, kissing one cheek before talking.

“Hey Bub did ya eat yet?” 

“Yes Syd Bug! Vance gave me chocolate lucky charms haha plus he gave me a twinkie such a cool dude, his action figure are amazing”

Ha he got's action figure what a dork!

Getting up walking upstairs to Vance’s room eyeing him on his bed knocked out again. Taking out my phone with 30 missed calls from Andre, 10 texts from him and a whole bunch of texts from Josh, Jordan and Gabbi.

I heard about last night syd...your bother has fucked up your lucky i wasn't there i would of fucked him up. Call me once you get this Sydney love you so much

Call me ASAP Jordan is freaking our over you...

Jordah Mah Boo:
Baby girl call me…..Josh told us about last night with dre

*New group chat Jordan, Gabbi and Joshua*

Sydney: Guys chill out i am good okay Vance come to get Benny, I last night so with him right now. I’ll be here for the week end so come over here. 

Joshua: Woah Vance’s place….I trusted him very much i’ll be over after dropping Riley at Maria

Jordan: I’m so glad your okay baby girl! Josh come pick me up okay my car broke down yesterday.

Gabbi: Gurl! you should of called me to get you last night more importantly what’s up with Josie?!

Hitting Vance up side the head laughing as he shot up groaning then throwing a freakin’ body pillow at me. Whacking him with it sitting  next to him putting my phone up for now. Patting his hair that was a flat top it was alright i guess Jordan had one but his was good on him.

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