Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


27. Chapter 24

Walking around Kohls my new job putting some clothes up that had fallen from customers. Pulling a piece of strand back, finding an lady about my mom’s age eyeing me.

Shaking it off doing some more stuff being such a good worker, and the lady walked up to me smiling.

“Um, are you Sydney Kane?” She says, I point to my name tag laughing “Haha yes ma’am I am Sydney says it on my name tag!”

“You’ve grown up so much since the last i’ve seen you Sydney” The lady that stands in front of me has shoulder length brown hair, the same nose as me and striking blue eyes.

“haha well thanks I am eighteen years old if you didn’t know! Are you friend of my mom’s or something?”

“Yes i am a friend!”

She looked to the right of her seeing a little girl ran to her, she putted her up kissing her cheek. The little girl had her blonde hair in two pig tails, brown eyes likr Josh’s eye with a hint of green in them.

“Johanna say Hi to Sydney, Sydney this is Johanna my little adorable girl” I smile at the girl waving and she jumped right in my arms.

“Oh your so sweet Johanna just like my niece Danika! You should totally meet her one day”


Sitting in taco bell Dinah  the lady from earlier laughing up a storm, Johanna sitting on my lap. I took a few pictures with Johanna sending them to Josh to rub her in his face he’d love her.

Taking a sip of mountain drew feeling refreshed, seeing Johanna asleep taking out my phone snap chatting her sleeping.

“So my little buddie Johanna fall asleep on me haha josh if your watching this then ha!”

“You kid and snapchat back then i’d have to walk over my friends house and react the whole thing.” Dinah says giggling a little “Sydney got a boyfriend?”

“Um yes ma’am his name is Jordan been dating for 6 months.” Showing her a photo of us being silly.

saying goodbye to them not wanting to leave my little buddie Johanna. I told Tina if ever she needed to be baby sitted i’d be her girl for the job. Once i got to the house their were tons of cars around the house. Andre a party is he for real Benny can’t do loud places or people.

Pulling into the back yard unbelting myself quickly running into the house seeing people all over the place. Music was blasting all the around the house, Benny has to be somewhere in there. Pushing through the crowd of half way and already drunk people.

Finding Benny asleep in his room upstairs buddled up and i sighed in relieve about to cry. Stroking his face with my index finger, he moved a little.

“I’m so sorry Baby boy i’ll make this all stop okay?” 

Stroming out pushing Andre a little really fucking pissed “What the fuck Andre? You know Benny is here and you’re supposed to watching our little brother not having a house party. You know mom is going to kill your ass doing stuff like this”

“Don’t push me Sydney your not my mom nor my real sister so shut the fuck up okay!” tears started to flow our my eyes

“Your-r a-a ja-ack a-s-sss” I stutterer out running out the house falling into two strong arms that belonged to..........


Cliff hanger!!! Also Dinah plays a great role in the story guys comment what you think about Dinah and Johannna

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