Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


26. Chapter 23

Standing outside of Josie’s house taking a whole bunch of pictures with some friends. Standing next to Josie and Josh standing on the steps with Jordan smiling, another with Gabi with her best friend Sam, me with Josh, and Jordan with Josie.

“Love you Jordan!” I say hugging him outside gving him a kiss on the lips softly. “I love you more”

Riley come to take pictures with Josh and me. Holding her together kissing her cheeks, Josh took a few pictures with her alone turns out Maria goes to a different school.  There was dinner before it all, it was some good food for prom haha.

As we all got out the limo showing our tickets My Boo by Usher come on, this was such a good song. Smiling at Jordan making our way to the dance putting his hands around my waist, mine going on his neck. Swaying back and fourth singing with the song.

Jordan surprised me so much by his singing voice was amazing. He used to do chior with the gang in the fifth grade let’s say i liked him back then. Alicia come on and I put one hand up moving it back and forth, Josie was with Josh laughing it was cute :)

Jordan dipped me at one part we’ve never slow danced before so this was shocking.

Heading to the prom photo booth close in the back of all of the dancing. Taking some pictures with Jordan kissing his cheek.

Josh called us over once I Don't mind come on by Usher and this was my jam.

“Aye!” I say rubbing my shoulder on Josh’s back and grabbing his hands going crazy. Krumping with Gabbi “ GET THAT MONEY MONEY MONEY!”


Some people were grinding on each other making us all crack up those damn 11th graders.

This must be a one time thing but I don't fuck with you come on making all of us throw in a few Ooo’s singing along with it. Josh and I loved this song so much this got us in the groove almsot all the time. One time my rington for him was that haha i was mad at him one time. Dancing in place with Jordan behind me as the end of the song come on.

Flo rida with Sage the Gemini GDFR come on while i danced with Ja’von, Darian leaving Jordan to talk to some people.

Sitting down with the gang at this round table in the dinner area of the country club that prom was at. Laying on Jordan’s shoulder while everybody talk about some of the people dresses or tuxes. Josie was looking at Jordan i lifted up alittle bit glaring kicking her in the knee cap making her stop looking. She got up leaving from te table then don’t look at my boyfriend like you want him.

Josh just shrugged at her getting on his phone texting somebody, Jodan’s phone lit up and he ingored it smiling at me.

Prom was finally done and this was going to be the last time i’d dance with all my frineds having a blast. 

Getting dropped off first and man i was so exicted to be home, lay in my own bed. Unlocking the door taking off my shoes tossing them to the right of me plopping in the bed falling fast asleep. Danika come with Dre to Josie’s house to take a few pictures with me with the family. Changing out of my dress putting on comfy white shorts, a black shirt.

Thinking back to what tonight has been with everybody together, Gabbi seemed to be with Sam more often than Darian what was up with that?

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