Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


22. Chapter 21

So it was prom week at school, Jordan already brought our tickets which is awesome dress shopping. Josh told me he would be going to prom but probably with Josie. Walking with Gabbi through the halls of Central high school with Jordan next to me.

“His stupid for that!” I say to Gabbi talking about Mr. Owen and his dumb ass saying giving us homework on Prom week.

“Your telling Sydney he told me i’d have to do it or my grade goes down. Mr. Owen doesn’t like me at all” Jordan says then please tell me why it was supposed to be senior puppet day soon. it was where a person buys you for a certain amount of money, and make you dress up like anything last year one of Andre’s friend Aaron had to be a chicken it. I’m praying that i don’t get picked for anything Andre was a damn clown, I’ve never been so terrifed on my whole life dude gave me nightmares for four months.

‘They better play some good song or imma beat up the DJ like last year well I almost beat him up!” I laugh reminding them of last year not a good year for me.


Gabbi, Josie and I were going to be shopping for some dresses for prom while the boys went for the tuxs. Pilling into my mustang that recently got fixed with the help of Andre! Drake was playing on the radio which had us rapping through out the trip. Worst Behavior was blasting through the speaker, and We busted out rapping all the words, totally gangster nope that sounds really weird.

Loooking through the racks of dresses of David Bridals such a good store not. Walking out the store going to some new store finding a dress with gold on top with gems over it, sky blue bottom piece. Damn this was my dress and I knew it. The girls found some dress but i am not describing those because i suck at that.

Paying for out dresses after trying them on was a drag hair was all over the place after it all.

Josh come over later that day snacking on Lays chips while sneaking a peek at my dress.

“Your dress is perfect for you what Josie get?” 

“This darn peach creme colored one, you don't have none ties like that so get a blue one it’ll kinda work out” Josh looked at me really weird, throwing paper at me. 
“What was that for Josh?”
“I dunno know i’m not perfect Sydney!”

What did all this come from?

texting a Text from Jordan about what colored tie he shoudl get.

Jordan mah boo:
what colored tie should i get babe?

A blue or grey would be fine with me Jordan ;) Make sure to get your hair trimmed Saturday okay gotta be looking good for this night!

Jordan Mah Boo:
Oh okay thanks for reminding me mother. I’ll try my best to make my princess wishes come true <3 👰💯

Jumping over Josh on my bed landing like a pro “And that’s how it done Son!”

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