Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


21. Chapter 20

Group Chat;

Josie Simpson: Guys Prom is next week who’s all going ?

Darian: Gabi, I will be attended this hoedown!

Gabi: Oh dear lord Darian ‘Hoedown’ why do i even date you?

Darian: Because i am that sexy Baby ;)

*Jordan has been added to this conversation*

Sydney: Me! I think unless Jordan buys the tickets then yes.

Jordan: Of course i am Syd. Plus Darian you need to shut up haha and i quote ‘Because i am that sexy’

Josh: I dunno even know guys i’ll think about it maybe Riley can be my date XD

*Ja’von has been added to conversation*

Ja’von: Yep going with the bae Bayleigh! She is so amazing guys sorry just had to say that

Closing my Imessage up plugging in my headphones playing ‘Cheat Codes’ By Jack and Jack ft Embelm 3. Getting up from my bed making it down to the first level of the house. Hugging my mom kissing her cheek while she made dinner, putting one ear bud out smiling at her.

“Hey Momma! How’s the food coming a long?”

“Hi sweetie, give it another thirty minutes then it’ll be done. So what’s up Sydney”

“Just got done group chatting with my crazy friends how about you”

She points to the food, I take the wooden spoon from her telling her i’d do some o ut while she sat in dinner table chairs. After about 10 minutes she said I should go do something with my life, that’s what i did.

Going on digi tour website ordering a few tickets for Gabi, I along with Josie the boys can come if they want. We’ve always wanted to go to digi tour but never had the guts to buy some damn tickets.

After that big step my mom called me down for dinner with Andre almost pushing me out the way. 

Taking a selfie with my mom, Benny,Andre and Chadd (He is Benny's Dad/ my step dad btw) while we ate at the table like a normal family.

@Sydney Kane_; Mah awesome, loving family momma Kane, Dre, and Kenny and Chadd love you guys

Giving them all hugs and kissed before heading up to take a shower, all that fun stuff.

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