Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


20. Chapter 19

Previously on Seven Minutes In Heaven.


Everybody was still crying because of Sydney getting in that accident who had stopped breathing. Josh stood outside of the hostipal taking in all the pain that he was enduring. Jordan was inside crying his eyes out with Gabi and Darian they had been dating for 4 months.

“Guys i'm so sorry for this all” Jordan says just when the doctor come in sitting in the middle of all of them. The Josh come in standing by them all running a finger through his dirty blonde hair.

“Well Hello I'm doctor King and i'm here to tell you that Sydney is doing good after a few hours of surgy it was successful. She may have some slight head sche now and then just don't  bug her too much for the next couple weeks.” Doctor kings pats Jordan back, the others. Josh ran into his Mom’s arms happy as he could ever be.


Sydney POV

Laying in my bed thinking of how i could have fun since everybody was out having a good time. I’ve been getting head ache for the past couple of days and almost flipped out on Jordan.

Getting out my chrome book doing this assigment i was assigned to do for english on something anything we wanted. I did mine on a random topic Happiness that seemed like a good one.

Staring at the screen for five minutes before doing anything why is this so complicated.

So for my essay for english a lot of this flowed through my mind for me Happiness seems like a awesome topic, many people would disagree with me finw with me. As a little kid  our world was filled with all these postive enegry, the best ass kicking happiness. Running around with our parents to the store getting toys we wanted made I just happy. Parents were made to give us kids loving, a lot of things.

My happiness come from watching volleyball as a child which seems pretty boring for some, playing with friends with not a care in the world. Dancing gave me some time to let loose even though that required getting sweaty! 

As a little baby my real parents used to leave me with no one to laugh or smile with or pookie boo. Nothing was happy for me back then, about the tender age of 3 years old my mom Stacey Kane adopted me with a kid older than me Andre my crazy big brother. That’s why he is black, i am full on white girl!

Then my other happiness benny my little wittle brotha that’s not adopted for a change. His dad lives with and i call him my dad his name is Chadd Bently by the way. Back to Benny he has a wild imagtion which is amazing. Also my niece Danika who enjoys singing, dancing. Now that’s my best friend for life!

My best friends Josh, Gabi, Josie and Darian, Jordan who’ve been there for my crazy butt for many years.

There is many other Happy things in my life but my hands are killin’ me and let’s say I got work in the morning at Kohls and doctors Appt. :) - Sydney Kane

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