Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


19. Chapter 18

Josh POV

Putting Riley to sleep in her crib enjoying the peace and calmness of my mom house. I was going have to pack up soon for college after graduation am out with the rest of them. Sydney seemed to be doing good without i was heart broken when she told me Jordan and her were dating. Maria and I seemed to be doing alright for awhile but when she told me she was seeing somebody else my whole world crumpled right in front of my eyes.

“Josh honey can i come in?” I let her in

“What's up momma?”

“Sydney….she got in a real bad accident after a fight with Jordan”

With that i ran to the car with Jon and my mom with Riley in the hands of my step dad Justin. Jordan was pacing around the place with Gabi, Darian crying like baby i would be crying too but Jordan was goin gto get it.

“What the fuck did you do? You think your happy with your actions no cause this is half way your fault”

I lunged at him punching the crap out of him making him go back holding his nose then he went at me then all hell broke out. Darian grabbed me while Ja’von got Jordan.

“I didn't mean for anything of this is happen….i love Sydney so much she is the best thing to happen to me. Why does everything things are my fault maybe one day i’ll understand” Jordan says breaking down crying into his hands “Sydney is my everything you’ll never understand nobody never will”


Jordan went to say hi or what ever to Sydney first looking through the door hearing him say sorry, Sydney gave him a kiss telling him she doesn't blame him at all.

I was the last to go in there to see Sydney oh god she looked horrible why? God tell me why all of this is happening to me.

“Oh my god Sydney your okay”

“Yeah I’m for now…..Josh i really want to fall asleep right now...I---i l----” then that was it her hand fall from mine and i yelled for somebody to help me

“SOMEBODY HELP SHE INS’T BREATHING!!! Sydney stay with me your all i got”

Jordan ran into the room with everybody else seeing the doctors and nurse trying to help Sydney breath. Jordan was fighting the nurse trying to see her but they pulled him out of the room. “Baby girl don't leave me”

I walked out crying sliding down the wall thinking of Sydney of the times she’s gone awhile of being without me. Now look at me i probably won’t be able to see her for a very long time. Why does this have to happen to me with falling in love with a girl who could be gone any second. I've i did so many things wrong to this girl but i just want another chance.

Getting up from the ground seeing all my friends crying over this girl who cared so about them. 

“Are you guys with Sydney Kane?” We all nodded response waiting to hear the news that may change our lives forever “She is……..”


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