Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


17. Chapter 16

Danika come over to my house with some energy and play with with Riley who was over with Josh. Why in the earth did she pick Jacob Latimore Like em all. Josh and I got in a dance battle in the front room with Andre laughing his ass off.

Josh started krumping then backing it up twerking with me. We've been practicing the dougie for many years and we know got it. Danika was wiggling it in between us before shaking her butt like a weirdo.

Damn it i thought I won but think again Nope it wasn't Josh. Danika won the whole thing curse you Andre you always pick your daughter’s side haha.

Danika was playing Mindless Behavior through the house for her enjoyment but Josh, I were dancing our asses off.

Going into my room putting on some music trying to get Riley asleep, she fall asleep as we talked for awhile. 

“Sydney es Bonita” Josh says twirling some of my hair as i laid on is chest

“Your so sweet Josh! Jordan wanted to go to KU for school but i dunno know. You still haven’t told me where you were going to”

“Oh well that's a good question but still can’t tell you”


Sitting in class with Gabi hearing Bang Bang through the computer from the teacher. Darian was in our class which sucked cause i’ll be trying to talk to Gabi and she’ll be talking to Darian.

Josh poked his head through the door smirking at me taking a sit next to me “Graduation is around the corner my mom wants you to come over tonight for pictures.”

“Sure nothing like being with the second family!”

“”Kalin and Myles tickets will be provided” i grew excited looking at Josh hugging the crap outta him “I sorta got us some tickets to see Kam Fam with the other and let me tell you Darian was flipping out…...sometimes i wonder bout that kid” Laughing at what he said taking out my phone texting Jordan about what just happened

“So can i make a special dedication to the only that's got me turned up” I sang to Josh, he thought i was a really good singer but eh no i suck.

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