Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


16. Chapter 15

It was Saturday and i was at work it almost lunch break for me. Jordan and I hang out on friday at his place for our date. Gabi was out with Darian around the mall somewhere gosh they is crazy.


“What up Syd bug!” it was Josh


“Hey Josh and my little cutie Riley” Turning around before putting a pair of shoes up hugging Josh. Riley was in the stroller wearing a blue long sleeved shirt, black tights and Winnie the pooh slipper what the heck was Josh thinking.


“Sorry about Riley’s shoes we were in a rush just had to see you at work.”


Fixing my long brown hair pushing it out the way laughing at Josh yet again “I wasn't really paying attention to her shoes maybe. I’m done with my shift so let me put up somethings. KIKI I'M OUT SEE YOU SUNDAY NIGHT”


Kiki come out from the back with a box of shoes “Okay girl see you tomorrow text me later on”


Walking next to Josh and Riley talking about somethings, Maria aka Riley mommy is coming back Sunday i think. School was about to be out for us, this was it for the us the partying and hanging out for endless hours was going to be over sadly. I was supposed to be getting a basketball scholarship to some school but i dunno know basketball is hard work.


Jordan Mah Boo: Babe when you got time come swing by for awhile i need to talk to you


Huh i wonder why he was telling to drop by his house later tonight. Josh brought me some Taco Johns awe he is so sweet to me! Sitting at this round table looking at all the other kids play with their parents, Josh snapped me out of my thoughts.


“Josh do you love me? Just a random question”


“Yes i do…….i love you more than anything in this whole world beside Riley and my family, friends”

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