Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


14. Chapter 13

A few months later…..


Riley Jazmin Claybaugh was born on December 12, 2014 the most cutest little girl ever. 

Josh had to leave to pick up Riley for the weekend and i had somebody to come hang out with me Jordan what can i say he is cute! We've started to date for little over a month now what can i say Josh and me aren't gonna be together even if i try.


“Hey babe! How was seeing Josh go?” Jordan asked me and i just nodded

hugging him letting Jordan inside my house.


“It was alright it's hard to see him with Riley being born and it being Christmas time. I just want my best friend back Jordan that's all i want for Christmas nothing else” I said about to cry in Jordan’s chest and we walked up to my room and i was on my phone on watt pad reading some fan fictions! i love those so much but the one i was ready was ‘Reckless’ A Matthew Espinosa by ayecalifornia check it out guys it's amazing but my favorite one is Adopted my Jai brooks and Ariana grande by Red_Beanie_


Jordan rest his head on my shoulder looking at my phone trying to see what i was reading. I laughed getting back to the story i hate it when they get with the person you don't want them to be with but that's in other stories not this Matthew Espinosa fan fiction.


“Wow they made them kiss that’s just fucking cold man!” Jordan said getting up from the bed looking around seeing the photos i had posted around the room “I've been thinking lately about my life things seemed unreal I'm a senior and i'm dating you! Josh really needs you and you need him”


“Jordan….. I don’t need him he has other things his daughter needs him all i need is you only you Josh will never need me” I said giving Jordan a peck on the lips i was only like 5’3’ and he was 6’4’ now that's a big difference for us and hard for me to kiss him.


Josh hasn't had my heart for awhile now Jordan has and i felt like this was the real deal for me. Jordan gave me a kiss in return getting back to telling me about some things. my ringtone went off it was Love Robbery by Kalin and Myles i have a obsession with them sorry guys.


Joshua Claybaugh: Sydney i need your help with Riley she wont stop crying, nobody is home……


Me: Ugh dude i was hanging out with Jordan….but i’ll come over to help you give me around 15 minutes, i’ll be there :)


“Jordan, Babe listen um Josh needs my help with Riley is it okay if i head over there and we can hang some other time maybe this weekend?”


“Yeah it's cool you don't have to ask me baby girl! This weekend sounds great let me walk you to out car.”


Jordan pulled me from off my bed, grabbing my Nike slide on from the corner of my room. He opened the car door for me leaning on the frame of it smiling at me making me blush.


“Love you baby girl!” Jordan leans in kissing me softly on the lips “Love you too babe”




Walking into Josh’s house seeing Riley in his hands rocking her back and forth lightly as she cried like her life depended on it damn girl got some lungs!


I cooed seeing her with her light brown hair and small body, grabbing her from Josh giving her a kiss on the forehead.


“Hey baby girl! Auntie Sydney is here for ya...Shh don't cry anymore i got ya unlike your dumb daddy!” I say walking up to Josh laughing as she started to smile a little before closing her eyelids falling asleep.


“Well that's something else haha thank god she is asleep i thought i was gonna have to leave her there just crying her eyes out….Maria left for Chicago today for the dance company.”


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