Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


13. Chapter 12

“Okay class today we will be learning how to use certain things in life!” said th over joyed life and careerr planning teacher not that i care much about. I was laying my head on the desk trying to fall asleep she doesnt care if we sleep in class ever. Somebody had different plans for me Darian and Jordan who get on my nerves in this class.

“Hey Syd Bug wakie wakie pwease prutty pwease!” They said in little kids voice making me not wanna talk to them

“Leave me alone not in the mood at all today…… Somebody ruined my whole life no names will be included sorry” I said lifting up a little from the desk playfully slapping Darian in the face then the bell ran for us to go the next class lunch hour.

“Lets get lunch need to feed this basketball playa” Jordan said puffing his chest out “I'm a eating machine”

Darian and I just laughed at his stupid ness going to the hot lunch line beef fiesta pizza mah fav lunch. I sat at the table looking at Matthew epsinosa instagram liking the shit iut of his stuff and on vine. Everybody was looking at me alll weird the whole team then Gabi sat next me.

“You looking at porn? you don't seem like the type!” Gabi laughed this girl is something i swear to baby jesus

“Shut up Gabi for you info it was Matt” That shut her up

“Give me your phone gotta look at this hot stuff of a boy i need to meet Matthew………” She  was going on about Matt the whole lunch hour like shut the frick up Gabi gosh make a fan fiction about this boy damn maybe he’ll read it one day. True fact he reads fanfiction i only know cuz Gabi made me watch it over 15 million times at my house.


Joshua Claybaugh: Jazmin please call me i’m having some issues your all i got.

Jazmin  Kane: Why me? We havent talked in like a month why come to me now…. Fine i’ll call you

I called him on facebook i deleted his phone number from my phone only becuase i was mad at him but his number is edged in my brain. 

“Josh what is the matter?” I said into the phone sitting on the edge of the bed rolled up in a blanket sick i had gotten sick all because of Benny and Danika.

“My mom is in the hostipal and Jon is no where to be found it's been a hour…. Im scared for Jon he never gotten so mad and left please come Maria can’t come”

Runnin out to my car turning on the engine racing to Josh’s side and when i got there finding Josh in the waiting room crying to hisself a mess. He wore a red nike sweatshirt along with grey jogger pants, black and white nikes.

Sitting next to him coughing into my jacket “Hey buddie….. sorry im sick like legit sick all thanks to Benny and Dan Dan.” Josh engulfed me in a hug so tight sobbing in between his breaths. I kissed him on the his forehead holding him. Josh got done with his crying session thank god it was so bad. 

“Thanks for coming…. Your the best friend ever to me sorry about that night it was to see if i had feekings for you still i guess not” I grabbed his face placing my lips on his just to feel those stupid clique fireworks pulling back from him wiping his tears away.

“I love you Joshua Andrew Claybaugh! That night was all i needed to see that im too crazy for you. I know Maria is in the picture am fine with it just so you know im here for you and Jazmin will help you out no matter what.”

“Love you too Sydney Gracie Kane. Maria and me got this to sort out but if i need somebody to talk to your my girl for the job.” We spent the day with his mom and talking about old times

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