Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


12. Chapter 11: That stupid Party ruined everything

It was school and man i wasn't in the mood at all that party this weekend was something. I still had a head ache and I was still kinda of stoned not the first time that has happened.


Somethings had happened and they all were filling in my head all day.




Gabi and I got invited to this party for seniors and it was okay for a party and Josh was there but Maria hadnt come she was freaking 4 months pregnant. Once we stepped in there was this grind line with the most sluttiest girls in this town. Josh was with Darian and Jordan who were already drinking from red solo cups.


“Want some?” Josh asked handing me a cup and I took it taking a sip of it


“Lets get trunt up man. Probably gonna be my last time partying before Riley comes”


We all went to the dance floor having a great time and I was already feeling great and loosened up for the night. Gabi was already grinding on Darian they were something.


Jordan and I sat outside in the back of the party talking about some things. Was i that drunk because i leaned in kissing Jordan full on the lips.


“Umm…… i’ll be going to get some more drinks……” I lied turning around going to find some space from all this crap. Everything was just a big fat slap to my face I'm only 18 years i shouldn't be feeling this way. Josh had broken my heart so much and nothing was here for me. Sure i had Gabi but she is always so busy with things.


Gabi grabbed my arm pulling me into some game of truth or dare or what ever this is high school not middle school. Josh and me sat across from each other I didn't want to look at this guy that has had my heart since day one.




After many dares and truths later it was my turn and this douche bag named Jack dared me to go in the closet with Josh for 7 minutes wait what the f*ck I'm not going in there with him of all people why Josh?


Following Josh to the closet shutting the door behind him looking at me it was weird as heck.


“Sydney there is something I've been wanting to tell you that I been in love with you since forever and I'm so happy to have Riley but now that means i cant be with you now. If i could take back anything it would have been not to have asked you back in the 9th grade.” Josh said that my whole mind started to freak out and Josh leaned in Kissing me it took me a while to react but i kissed him back……


-flashback ends-


Gabi had been texting me all weekend but i was to depressed, crying in my bed the whole weekend. Josh hasn't talk to me at all since then maybe he remember that all….


“Sydney there you are been calling you all weekend!” Gabi said but i wasn't paying much attention to her


“Yeah here i am sorry i was having a moment of josh problems….. me and him kissed at the party”


Gabi had her mouth hanging all the way to the ground but i had my face buried on the table. While I just let out a little scream for the millionth time this and i had to do do something about that Kiss talk to Josh about it.


After school hit trying to avoid anybody who i knew that worked onto i got to my car. Josh was leaning on the hood of my car with his truck next to mine.


“Sydney can we talk?”


“What is there to talk to about Josh we were drunk that night! That kiss meant everything to me Josh….. You got Maria pregnant  what i great way to show your love to me Joshua” I spoke a little louder trying to get josh out of the way.


“It wasn't on my list of things to do in my life. I was going to break up with her but she told me. How was i gonna just tell you I love you with a baby on the way. That kiss we had that night meant something to me also Sydney it's not all about girls boys have feelings too okay”


Josh looked around just before storming off to his car and driving off leaving me in tears he never understood the things he does to me. I got in my car turning on the engine driving off to my house of course nobody was home. My mom was at work along with Dre who dropped Danika off with her mom.


Laying in my bed trying to forgot about Josh he wasn't  gonna be the reason i’d be living alone with dozens of cats. All thanks to Joshua Andrew Claybaugh shout out to the worst best friend ever to this date.


Benny my little brother was at his day care so i had to pick him up. Grabbing his extra booster seat taking out to my car placing it on the back seat driving up to the place.


“Hello Ms.Becky is Benny all ready to go?”


Becky was about 23 years old kinda like Dre my older brother you guys know him the crazy one. Well his dad is full on African American never meet the man, I'm adopted by the way.  it's kinda weird because everybody thinks we’re dating and that Danika is our Daughter haha too funny!


“Yes Benny is all ready Sydney! How is Dre doing haven't talked to him since graduation” Becky had short dirty blonde hair to her shoulder with green eyes with feckless covering her face.


“His great come by my house he is there all the time! I’ll tell him you ask about him wink wink!” She automatically started to blush crazy red and Benny come running towards me he was 7 years old he goes to day care after school only until i come pick him up.


“Benny how is my favorite little bro doing missed you Ben Ben” I ruffled his hair a little taking his hand out to the parking lot “Could of been batter Jazzy but that one chick Khelsi took my stuff”


I laughed him telling him that she probably likes him, he looked at him with a disgusted face telling me that is stinking gross never gonna happen girls got cooties yeah they do Benny there you go!


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