Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


11. Chapter 10: My birthday mah Homies

it's been a week since homecoming and things were alright i guess but it was birthday on Friday. My whole family were at the house it was tradition when a child turns 18 it's a big deal. After that little chat with Danika Josh was been on my mind his dirty blonde hair, smile along with his eyes that made any girl swoon over.


For my 18 birthday I've been wanting to get a tattoo i have no idea why maybe because my brother got a tattoo along with my mom. Possibly i was listening to that August A song about tattoos so yeah.


“Sweetie come downstairs!” Yelled my mom from the living room


i ran out of my room jumping over the couch seeing my aunt and uncle,  some others my, mom held some car keys. I started to freak out like when Danika gets snacks.


“I GOT A CAR!” She smiled throwing me the keys and I ran out of the house laying my eyes on a white 5.O with blue strips mustang in the drive way. Dre was standing in front of it smiling at me before engulfing me in a hug


“Your welcome little sissy! when i saw this car i thought of you” He brought me a car and I was crying in his shoulder


“You got me the car! you really didn't have to i bet this cost you a fortune


We stayed like forever until my mom come outside joining the hug session and I told her to take a photo of Dre and me standing next to the car.


@Sydney Kane_: Got a car for my b day all thanks to the Bro!! love ya man @Dre_Drizzy weirdest name ever


“Not really i know some people that can do me some favors!”




Josh come over to tell me happy birthday it was totally sweet of him to buy me a present lol! The present was this picture of us almost 7 years ago it was embarrassing I had purple braces and black framed glasses. I was looking at the photo almost about to go under a rock and die.


“I was such a freaking dork back then”


Josh put his arm around me just laughing as I buried my face in his chest. We were sitting on the couch.


“So what did you get for your b day huh?”


“Oh you wanna see it! it is such a pretty one” I grabbed his hand taking him to the back yard we had to go through the front door because my brother had the back room of the house. I had to make sure nothing got on my shoes, Dre dumped some water from the window today on his friend Aj.


Once we got to the back yard Josh dropped everything basically running to it just admiring it.


“Oh shit! this is just beautiful your brother had to have bought you this!” Josh said turning back to me


“Yeah Dre bought it for me”


I grabbed my keys from inside taking my car out for a spin with my best friend. Why in heck are we listening to IDFWU? Josh grabbed my phone getting on my music player.


“I don't messing with you, you stupid butt


Bish i don't give a flip


I don't freak with you”


Josh always said that when the song come on it was funny to me. There was this place when you can see the sunset that was suggested by Joshua Claybaugh. Pulling into the place parking it by the wooden fence, and We sat on the hood of my car looking at the sunset.


“It's so beautiful Sydney! This is our spot till the end of the earth. You know that the baby is a girl!”


That was great will for him at least I mean it was awesome for him to have a kid but just think of his soccer career down the drain.


“What's going be her name?”


“Maybe Riley i think she’ll be a tomboy you know i hope she is Girly girls are too complicated!” Josh said with a laugh making me laugh yeah i get that when i was little the award for the most girly little girl ME!! Jazmin Gina Kane.


“Well i’d give her the tips for being a tomboy!” I said looking down at my outfit just my school’s shirt and some shorts and white high top converses and which was fine with me totally.


“That would be something!”


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