Seven Minutes In Heaven

Jazmin Kane and Josh Claybaugh best friends never really thought of each other as anything else or maybe but when they go to a party and wind up in a closet playing 7 mins in heaven....


1. Chapter 1

Seven Minutes in Heaven


( A Teen fiction Story)


Today it was the first day of school at Salina Central High School. I wasn’t happy about another year of this same old stuff but it was going to be my senior year and sure I was happy and all but this meant that half of my friends would leave me. Or worst of all of them would forget me entirely which was one of my fears in life. But i had to face the truth one way another. The person that i would be sad about would have to be my best friend since i was little and saved me from a animal cracker jacker in Preschool. His name was Josh Claybaugh and he had dirty blonde hair and sorta bushy eyebrow which cracked me up a lot of times. Josh played soccer for the school and was really good and got a few scholarship but hasn’t told me from where, and i think that is so rude that he won’t tell me where.


“Jazmin sweetie i hope you have a great day. Tell Josh i said hi for me!” said my mom Katie as i stepped out the car heading into the school that I somewhat hated and loved sometimes. The halls were crowd as heck when i got in right as i got in my thing to do was find Josh.


I knew where he was by the stairs that's where some friends and I meet up for school in the morning before school. The halls were full of the new freshman's of the school they seemed very nervous to have us in the school. I was almost to the stairs when something come from behind me picking me up, and spinning me around.


“Well hey Jazmin!” it took me forever to figure who it was but it was Josh and i giggled as he put me down and i looked at him smiling


“Hey Josh how was your summer even tho i was with you in the half the time” Josh chuckled, and went on to telling me as we walked down the hall.


“Went on vacation with the fam which you were there.Visit my school that i want to go to” Josh would tell me where is maybe he is going go so i just gotta wait till when he tells me then. Finally we made it to the stairs meeting up with the others which including my best friend Karla and Gabi, and Darian and some others and I hugged them all and asking them about summer and swapping schedules.


Sydney G. Kane schedule for 2014-2015

AP English -Mrs.Jones

Spanish -Mrs.Janzen

World History-Mr.Erin


Career and life planning-Mr.Greene

P.E.-Coach French



I only had like 2 classes with Josh which sucked big time and some classes with the others but I guess this year will cool i guess. So I was off to AP english with Mrs.Jones with Gabi walking into the class. Okay so guessing this chick loves the chic/boho thingy or owls…. but she had the room looking nice had curtains that were orange and stuff.


“Hello Ladies pick a seat anywhere for today” said Mrs.Jones


Gabi and Me were totally liking this teacher already. So we sat at the tables that were in the room that was in the middle of the room and people started filling in. One of the assistant principals Mr.Lee come on the intercom saying what he always says on the first day of school ‘Welcome to another school year at central. I hope all of you had a great summer and let the new school year begin. A friendly reminder there is a assembly at 1:30 to 2:25 today’


“Never gets old Jaz” Laughed Gabi to me, and I laughed but got stopped when Mrs.Jones told us to turn our attention to the front and getting right into the expectations and all that boring stuff. The day went on and it was already time for the assembly and i was looking for Josh as Gabi and me made it into the big gym and Josh was with Darian and some others seating on the lowest level of the gym.

“Over here Jaz and Gabi” yelled Josh over the music that was playing in the stupid gym . outfit for the day i forgot about that haha.


Gabi and Me made our way over to the front well Gabi was pushing us through the crowd of people. After like a minute or so I was sitting with Josh and the others watching the everybody fill in and i looked at the freshman side which had different hair colors from blonde to brown and all the way to red. Something else was bothering me Josh had gotten a new girlfriend over the summer. She was right by him hand in hand. I really liked Josh no scratch that i love him to much and it isn't going good at all. Everytime i see him the butterflies start kicking in real bad too bad.


“Jazmin what’s the matter?” i looked to see Josh looking at me with his ‘what's wrong look’ i just sighed and looking at him


“It's nothing Josh just seeing things differently that's all don't worry about me haha!”

I lied to josh to spare my feelings for one thing and second not make a scene. But Josh wasn't buying it at all cuz he was just looking at me and put his arm around me swinging back and forth.


“Cause i'm happy clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth!” Josh started singing to me making me laugh my butt off in front of the others


The assembly started and it was boring as heck watching them make a fool outta themselves doing dumb stuff year after year. Finally it was over and school was out for today. Time to chill out home but some people had other plans for me starting with Gabi and Josh dragging me off to Josh’s car which was a silver newer version Chevy truck. My mom was all in it too sending me off with them my crazy best friend’s doing who knows what.


I wasn't going into the car at all with them two at all and they gonna deal with it but Josh was pushing me into the car and Gabi was pulling from the inside. But i wasn't moving because i was putting my hands on something to keep me in place and contract with the ground and not the car.


“I’M NOT GETTING IN THE STINKING CAR GUYS!” as myself yelling was my only thing to do at the time, and people were giving me dirty looks and whispering to each other as they were still pulling/pushing me in the car.


“JAZMIN COME ON!” Josh was still pushing me in so i kick where the sun don't shine what's so ever, josh dropped down and i feel straight into the car falling right on top of Gabi.


“Ha! Your butts in the car now i’ll start the car josh” Gabi laughed putting the keys in putting me in the middle of them and Josh got in the front laughing too and driving outta the parking lot of the school.


“You know i hate you both” of course they laughed and maybe it was funny


“You love us so ha!” Josh was going to die and Gabi.

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