If You Don't Know ➳ C.H.

"You're crazy now go ahead rip my heart out."
"What?" He questioned.
"That's what loves all about right?"
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4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Molly's P.O.V.

I walked into school after agonizing night of my thoughts. I'm sure the bags underneath my eyes were visible from the lack of sleep. I picked my outfit out in a daze I went with black high waisted shorts, a white lace tank top, and maroon cardigan. I finished it off with my white converse. I could barely concentrate on anything but why I was thinking about Calum so damn much. He's an asshole get over it. I repeated the phrase over and over again till I reached my locker.

I put in my combo and heard the click of my locker opening as I pulled up on it. I hung my book bag up and grabbed my science stuff like usual. I heard a girl laughing loudly as she entered the hallway making sure everybody heard her.

"Oh Calum! I had such a great time last night!" I turned and seen Reagan the captain of the cheer team linked arms with Calum. 

I rolled my eyes at them. Turning mostly back onto my locker until I caught sight of Luke rolling his eyes at Reagan too. I giggled and Luke caught me. He chuckled too and put his finger to his lip. Signaling to me to keep quiet about seeing his annoyance towards her. I laughed a little bit harder to myself. I heard the second bell ring meaning there was only five minutes till class started. 

"So baby girl what got your panties all in a bunch last night?" Calum asked now leaning against the locker facing me. I looked past him to see Reagan giving me a dirty look because Calum was talking to me. I rolled my eyes once more.

"Nothing I was just tired." I huffed. "When's your next band practice so I can get the pictures?" I asked.

"Tonight sweet cheeks." Again his words causing me to roll my eyes. But then I got an message from Mrs. Smith our photography teacher.

"Dear Class, I have decided to extend this project and turn it into a profolio except you're doing the other person. I want multiple picture put into a book, scrapbook, poster, etc. I also want a paragraph or so telling what you learned about the person or there passions or what inspired you it could honestly be about anything that has to do with the pictures. Just make it's great! I have faith in every single one of you! Good luck and get to working!"

I looked over at Calum who was reading the same message. He looked up me and smirked.

"Looks like we get to spend a little bit mor time with each other and meet by my car again." I nodded and slammed my locker walking off towards science.


I repeated what I did the day before. I stood on my tippi toes searching for Calum's car. I finally found it but I quickly found my good mood gone as I seen Calum leaning against his car with Reagan's arms wrapped around his neck. I rolled my eyes as I walked up to them and his group of friends also there. I stood next to Luke and he smiled down at me. 

"Hey Molly we gotta take Reagan home then will go to Luke's for band practice." Calum smirked and Reagan gave me a dirty look. Luke caught on to my annoyance.

"Or I can just take you to my house now?" Luke asked and I smiled nodding my head. Calum gave me questionable look but I just shrugged and got into Luke's car along with the other boys who's names I learned were Ashton and Michael.

No later then 10 minutes we were at Luke's and Calum arrived about five minutes after us. We all walked into Luke's house and headed for the basement. I watched as all the boys placed them selves where their instruments were. 

"So what song do we wanna start with?" Ashton asked.

"Gotta get out!!" Michael shouted and they agreed. 

The music flowed through the whole basement. I hurried and grabbed my camera positioning myself to take pictures of Calum. I got pictures of him singing in to the mic and a few of him just strumming his guitar. But he looked down at me pointing and winking and I snapped the picture. That was defiantly my favorite. But I wanted more picture so I snapped pictures of all the boys and all of them together. These were most likely going to be great. Their energy changed a lot with the different songs they played which meant different emotions to take pictures of. I had to say my favorite song they sang so far was Social Casualty. 

"Alright lets take a break mates!" Ashton hollered and as if on-q Calum's phone started ringing. He answered with 'Hey baby' and exited the room. My god he made me want to vomit. 

"So Molly what'd you think?" Luke asked letting his arm rest on shoulder and smiling at me.

"You guys are incredible! You should play at prom this year!" I said excitedly.

"That's actually a great idea!" Michael say even more excitedly.

"Yeah but I bet they already have everything all picked out for prom! It's 2 and half months away!" Ashton frowned.

"Well it's good for you guys that my best friend Jessie happens to be the President of the prom committee!" I gleamed.

"Are you serious?" Ashton asked smiling ear to ear. "Wait she's that hot one you always ride with to school right?" He asked as I nodded.

"She also happens to have a crush on you but tell her I said that!" I giggled. I looked at the guys I couldn't believe I thought all these guys were assholes in reality it was only Calum.

"Really do you think you could set me up?" Ashton blushed.

"I think I could arrange something!" I winked as Ashton blushed harder. 

I noticed Luke's arm still wrapped around my shoulder. I didn't try to squirm out of it or anything I kinda liked it there. Although I kinda wished it was Calum's. Wait what was I saying Calum's an asshole. All he want's to do is get into my pants. But I still don't see how he would think he could get into my pants when he was obviously dangling Reagan right in front of my face. I looked to notice Michael and Ashton had gone up to the kitchen. I felt Luke's finger poke my side and I giggled.

"Oh is someone ticklish?" He chuckled. 

"NO!" I half shouted stepping away from him but he only followed.

Before I knew it I was on floor bursting into laughter as Luke's fingers tickled my body. I felt like I couldn't breath  with how hard I was laughing. I heard a cough and Luke stopped as we both looked up to see Calum looking between us then giving a dirty look. But then his expression changed to angry.

"Are you ready to go Molly?" He barked and I shook my head and Luke helped me off the floor.

The whole car ride to my house was silent except for the quiet voices of Green Day playing through the radio. I didn't know why Calum got so angry. It kinda of pissed me off that he got mad. He finally pulled up to my house.

"I got some good shots! So you just have to take mine!" I finally spoke.

"Yeah whatever bye!" He said quickly.

"Okay what's the rush?" I questioned.

"As you put it my booty calls waiting for me!" He smirked.

"You're such a pig." I said getting out and slamming my door.


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