If You Don't Know ➳ C.H.

"You're crazy now go ahead rip my heart out."
"What?" He questioned.
"That's what loves all about right?"
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3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The next day

Molly's P.O.V.

I closed my locker for the last time of the day. I sighed as I walked through the halls reaching the front door. I bit my lip as I searched for Calum's car. I noticed him leaning against his black Audi talking with his group of friends. I now stood starring at all them as his friends gave me awkward stares. While Calum smirked at me.

"Ready to go baby girl?" Calum asked.

"Again don't call me that and yeah I want to get this project done." I breathed.

"I knew you couldn't just be actually leaving with Calum with a reason." The blonde hair boy laughed.

"Shut up Luke and let's go." Calum said laughing and punching him in the arm and I nodded getting into the car.

"So where am I going?" He asked.

"19th street." I breathed.

Calum asked for directions here and there but before I knew it we were parked in front of my house. Thank god I said inside my head as my mom was not home. And I didn't mean it like yay me and Calum could be alone. I meant it as yay now I won't get hounded with questions about who he is and if I have a crush him and all that bullshit parents ask as soon as you bring home a friend of the opposite gender.

I unlocked the front door and allowed Calum to step inside. I nodded my towards the stairs and he followed me up. I opened up my door and hung my book bag up as Calum dove onto my bed laying down. I pulled out and notepad and pen and sat at my desk.

"So basically we have to get pictures of us doing something were passionate it about. So can you name somethings you're passionate about?" I ask.

"I mean that's easy girls and booze." He laughed and I gave him the death stare.

"I knew you weren't going to take this seriously." I huffed and he rolled his eyes at me.

"Okay then what are you passionate about?" He asked me.

"I'm passionate about art and my photography." I breathed.

"Why?" He questioned while propping himself up on his elbow.

"Because I can express my thoughts and self in them. I can catch the beauty in things. I can even catch the ugly in the beauty and that's one of the best parts." I breathed. I turned around and wrote some ideas down for mine on the notepad. 

"Music." Calum whispered.

"What?" I question.

"I'm passionate about my music and my band." He smiled to himself.

"I didn't know you were in a band? I'm going to have to totally get some shots of it for the project." I smiled as Calum nodded.

"Where's your bathroom?" He asked.

"Second door on your left." I say.

I sat there a little stunned. I couldn't believe I got Calum Hood to tell me what he was passionate about. Was I actually getting through his 'Bad Boy' exterior. I couldn't wipe the smile from my face. Oh my was I crushing on Calum? No no I can't like I told Jess he's an asshole. But then again he's so sweet if you actually allow him to be. My thoughts were interrupted by a phone buzzing. I looked over too see Calum's phone. I picked it up and noticed a text from the captain the cheer team.

From: Reagan ;)

"Hey Cal are still coming over tonight for a good time? ;) xx"

I knew I was just convince myself that Calum actually cared about peoples feelings. I grabbed his phone and leather jacket and walked towards my door as he was walking back to my room. I shoved them in his arms before he could step foot in my room again.

"Your booty call wants you to come over so you might as well leave." I said

"What are you talking about and what about our project." He asked.

"We can't do anything more till we get the pictures and I'm talking about Reagan and your good time." I say sarcasm dripping in every word.

"Why are you acting like this?"

"I'm not acting like anything you can show yourself out." 

"Whatever dude."

Why am I so jealous right now? All I can say is that I'm so confused.


(A/N) Hey guy like the chapter or nah? I'm like so excited for this! I have so much planned for this fanfic! But can you guys help me up in my likes and favorite? Also what are you guys thinking so far about I love comments xx

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